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  1. Scandinavian Free Flight Week
  2. Bob HATSCHEK – Correction -SEN 2987

Scandinavian Free Flight Week

From: Per Findahl
Tue, May 24 at 11:48 PM
Registration for the Scandinavian Free Flight Week is open ! Join us on Öland for three World Cup events. New Tubes as “Givaways” are on the way, more info will come.

Arrival 6 July
Swedish Cup 7 July
Norwegian Cup 8 July
Finnish Summer Cup 9 July
Spare day 10 July

Bob HATSCHEK – Correction -SEN 2987

From:Don DeLoach
Please note the correct spelling of Free Flight Hall-of-Famer Bob Hatschek’s surname: HATSCHEK.

Don DeLoach
NFFS Editor