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SEN 2985

  1. 32nd Annual Nor Cal–America’s Cup Events April 29-May 1, 2022
  2. Hatschek International Challenge
  3. NFFS and USA Teams
  4. Lifting Vortex
  5. Use your Vortex
  6. Lee unwarped me)
  7. Lee Hines

32nd Annual Nor Cal–America’s Cup Events April 29-May 1, 2022

From:Fred Terzian

FAI Events Held April 30th, 2022–Excellent Flying Conditions!

F1A–Ken Bauer    161  180  132 146 180  Total 799
F1B–Mike Davis   180 180  180  180  180         900
Walt Ghio    180 180  180  180  180         900
Jerry Fitch  180  180  163  180  180        883
F1Q–Ben Tarcher  180  180  180 180  180         900
Jack Murphy  131  180  180  180  180        851

FAI Mini Events Held May 1st with increasing winds by noontime

F1G–Mike Davis   120  120  120  120  102       582

F1S–Jack Murphy    120   120  120  116  120        596
Paul Masterman 120    94  120  120  —-       454
Larry Norvall   74    58   —-   —-   —-  132
n Tarcher  108   ———————–     108


International Challenge
American Cup/National Cup
Wawaywanda, NY
May 21-22, 2022

Saturday, May 21 starting at 10 am
FAI events: F1C(power), F1H(small glider), F1J+F1P(power), F1G(small rubber) and F1Q (Electric)

Sunday, May 22 starting at 7:30 am
FAI events: F1A (large glider), F1B(Wakefield), and F1S (small electric).

AMA events: E36, Electric A, electric B, E20, HL-Glider, Cat. Glider and P30 can be flown on either day.
All FAI events will have 5 rounds.
Special rules:
1. DT contests. Under windy conditions and before a round begins, the CD can offer ABCQ flyers to DT at 2:00 and be timed to the ground. Delayed DTs (above 2:05) are scored as 120 seconds.
2. Altitude contests in F1B. If all contestants have models with altimeters, DT times could be set between 1 – 2 minutes and the altitude at that instant is the round’s score.
The entry fee is $30 for all events. Fuel donation $5. (Please bring the exact amount)

Camping is allowed on the field. Directions to the field are on
CD: Aram Schlosberg
(917) 446 3222 (please leave a message)


NFFS and USA Teams

Dear Free Flight Community,

This year the National Free Flight Society (NFFS) will be donating $3,000 to both the Outdoor and Indoor Junior FAI Teams at the upcoming Jr. World Championships. In addition, the donations are eligible to be matched by a “matching donation fund” established by Wally Simmers, designer of the “Gollywock”. Meaning both the Indoor and Outdoor teams will be receiving $6,000 EACH. The NFFS is very proud to support both junior programs and their efforts of representing the United States at the highest level.

Thank you to all of our community members who donated to the junior program. I personally make it a point to inform all our juniors that their travels to the World Championships are funded by the support of their Free Flight community, fundraising/matching by the junior program board and currently the support of the NFFS. Our Junior Team families are working vigorously every day to prepare for the Jr World Champs and traveling thousands of miles annually to practice. Their dedication is inspiring and their support of our community and organizations fuels them to represent the United States to the best of their abilities.

If you wish to contribute to the junior program in any way or possibly interested in having your children or grandchildren try-out for the Junior program please reach out, as we are more than happy to guide you throughout the process.

Sevak Malkhasyan


Lifting Vortex

From: gilbert morris

SEN 2984 :Where is your vortex?
Mike, sorry you found the YouTube reference worrisome.
Bit off hand and erudite, don’t you think?
Gil Morris

Use your Vortex

From:Harry Grogan

How a wing generates lift can be explained in two ways. One is the force created by lower than atmospheric pressure on the upper surface and higher pressure on the lower surface. This is known as the Bernoulli principle. This pressure differential distributed over the wing’s upper and lower surface areas creates a force called lift. The other way to look at lift is the fact that a wing, as it travels through the air, forces the air downward. Since air has a mass density, this change in momentum downward creates an equal and opposite force upward; i.e., lift. This is Newton’s Third Law. After considering these two explanations, which one is right? They both are. The equations that determine the magnitude of wing lift using these two methods, pressure differential vs. rate of change of momentum, come up with exactly the same answers.

Wing tip vortices are a major source of drag in slow moving (such as gliding) aircraft. If these vortices could be made to stop forming, like touching the walls of a wind tunnel or having an infinite aspect ratio (in theory of course), the induced drag would become zero, not the lift. The profile drag would still be present. Winglets were invented by NASA engineer Richard Whitcomb in the early ’70s. Their main function is to take advantage of the wing tip vortices. They are like vertical wings that when angled correctly relative to the local airflow, create some lift in the forward direction. In other words, they generate  thrust that offsets some of the drag of the wing. To be effective, their design is critical and much wind tunnel time is required.

To learn more about how aerodynamics apply to free flight models, I highly recommend “Model Aircraft Aerodynamics – 5th Edition” by Martin Simons. It is quite up to date and even covers folding wing F1Cs and bunt launch F1As.

* Harry Grogan


Lee unwarped me )


Sad to hear about Lee H, but he lived a full life it seems and
hope to be as fortunate.

My Lee story. Let’s see, pre bunt era if I recall. Walking around
the early am and it’s going to be a hot one, that light dust in
the lost hills air smell and I bump into Lee holding my newest
model, he says, let me see, and I hand him my model. He does the
usual sighting down the nose and then with his long arms flips her
around and sights down the tail.
I don’t recall the exact exchange but it went something like

You’ve got a little warp in your stab.
I know.
Why, he asks?
I told him I read an article reprint in a mid 1960’s Ziac yearbook
about getting a hand launched glider to transition on top, I tried
it and it helped a lot.
He looks at me and says, I wrote that article.
Lee winks  one eye then says, our secret, gives one last look down
the tail of my Nordic, hands it back to me, makes that big Lee
Hines smile,  straightens out his string glass frames then walks

Thank you,


Ronald S. Hernandez

Lee Hines

From: Daniel Berry
I met lee Hines in 2001 at the contest in Las Vegas during my short-lived stay in Nevada. The meet had Catapult Glider and I convinced the CD to let my fly a Hand Launch glider in the event. Lee wasn’t real happy but he quickly learned that I was no threat with my plane. We timed each other, chatted about thermals, cars , stuff.

Fast forward several years to the Nats in Muncie. My first Muncie Nats was 2005. I don’t remember when I arrived with a CLG but ’07 or ’08 sounds about right.  My effort in the event was lousy.  I decided that asking Lee for a tutorial on what to do with the plane was a good idea. I wondered if Lee would be willing to talk with me about the glider. If you didn’t smile when you read that then you didn’t know Lee. We spent an hour and a half on the tailgate of my truck looking over the glider and discussing theory. Fascinating stuff for me.

We started corresponding after that. He told me about his plan for the Beat The Vartanian event at the Nats and I weaselled my way into getting involved.  I told him I’d make a trophy for it.  Lee REALLY loved the BTV event at the Nats.  That might have been the year that he first asked to visit my house on the roundabout way home.  I told Lena (my wife) that he was going to come to the house and that he might beat home. She was less than enthusiastic about a stranger arriving before me. He got there two hours before me and by that time they were fast friends. Lena really liked Lee a lot.

His teachings helped my glider flying improve a lot to the point that in Seguin Texas one year I won CLG, HLG, Classic Towlin and maybe F1H with a ballasted LilDip. To do this I had to beat Lee in all those events. He always said he could get over losing HLG and CLG but his Ultimax losing to my LilDip really bothered him.  You may assume that I ribbed him about that at any opportunity.

Lee and I shared an obsession searching for good barbecue. Alas, I live in a wasteland of bad barbecue but when he visited we would go to places. We did find one in Hot Springs but by his next visit they had closed. He and I found a place in Muncie— it was in a less-than-wonderful part of town. We phoned the order and picked it up literally through a window in what might have been a barn.  Dean McGinnes, myself and Lee just made pigs out of ourselves at the Day’s Inn. I received many pictures of plates of barbecue over the years.  In the last couple of years his drink of choice for accompanying barbecue was Kona Brewing’s Big Wave Golden Ale. That might have been on my recommendation.

I roomed with Lee at the Nats 4 or 5 times I think.  Couple of years ago i was asked how that went.  I told’em eventually I had to stop responding and pretend to be asleep. He’d still be regaling stories at midnight. His memory of events and flights was simply phenomenal. He told me about bicycling across England chasing car races and staying at a stone inn that had been an inn for 400 years. If I remember correct he returned to New York sick as a dog. He made some phone calls and a fellow he had never met named Hatschek met him and took care of him. Lee travelled the world. He flew in China on some ambassadorial trip. He was there with control line Stunt and Speed guys. He was fascinated by what those guys flew. Several World Champ teams as a flier and as a helper. Went south to Australia just for fun.

For the past 8-10 I don’t think I’ve gone two weeks without talking to Lee.  Sometimes it was literally every day. It has now been about 5 weeks since I called him.  I miss hearing the words ” Berry Daniel, greetings”.
His was a life well lived.  There will be some Big wave Ale at the Nats this year as we toast my dear friend.

Dan Berry

For sale 3 Raptors

From: vladimir linardic

Brand New, never flown 3x Babenko Raptor F1C models. Models come as a set, in a custom transport box including the trackers and receiver for all models and tachometer.
For more info please contact
At this time that the model
Production and future of new models beiing built in Ukraine are not certain this is a very unique opportunity to keep
You flying!


Please add to this also the remote DT transmitter and also spare prop blades, 4 sets

Vladimir Linardic