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  1. Kiwi World Cup F1E
  2. Thanks to Doc
  3. Try the Oranges

Kiwi World Cup F1E

Kiwi World Cup F1E         Feb-14
1    Tom Ioerger  USA   100.00%  49.44%  92.09%  78.33%  88.31% 408.17%
2    Evgeny Gorban UKR   100.00%  45.56% 100.00%  73.33%  28.57% 348.02%
3    Brian VanNest USA    63.33% 100.00%  79.86%  30.56%  70.78% 344.53%
4    Ian Kaynes   GBR    50.00%  87.22%  32.37% 100.00%  68.18% 337.77%
5    Per Findahl  SWE    45.56%  63.33%  30.22%  90.00% 100.00% 329.11%
6    Peter Brocks USA    69.44% 100.00%  28.78%  53.89%  75.97% 328.08%
7    Ben Tarcher  USA    69.44%  23.33%  91.37%  15.56%  90.26% 289.96%
8    Geralyn Jones USA    73.89%  48.89%  31.65%  68.89%  40.26% 263.58%

Holloway Hill at Lost Hills
Pleasant weather – sunny, warm, light wind in directions suitable for flying into the pit but with some variations in direction. After the prize-giving the weather changed to a strong wind from the west.
Looks like timing is everything

Thanks to Doc

From: Gliderbohm
I would like to thank Glenn Schneider for all his efforts to keep the Isaacson AMA events going, and it is a lot of effort. Also for offering an extra prize for glider overall, a beautiful piece of 1/2 x 4 x 48 C-Grain balsa that turned out to be 5.8 lb.! Also, I want to thank him for indulging my wish to have the one flight P-30 event early despite the cold.


The Ike results will be in a future SEN.

Try the Oranges – how many points ..

From:Robert Wallace
Mr Fantham and co.
I would like to know what score would be attributed to a modeling friend of
mine who came to the table at Dennys, saw me with a glass of orange juice
and said to the waitress ” I would like a cup of tea please and some
Orange”. She returned later with a cup of Orange flavored tea! If anyone
there at present reads this please make the same order and see what the
waitress comes back with and let us know the result! Wishing I was there to
make the order myself and also do some Flying.
Rob Wallace

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Roger Morrell