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2022 North American Cup Additional Information

As stated in the 2022 North American Cup contest notice the competitors MUST provide their own timekeepers.  This applies to the fly-offs also.  As the F1A and F1B events have the most entries please use flyers from F1A to time the F1B’s and the F1B’s time the F1A’s for the fly-offs.  Also, I would prefer that the competitor not use his or her best friend for the timer.

My plan is to not use the “Altitude Flyoff” procedure for any of the fly-offs.  As we have several extra days to complete the contest my main goal is to use the normal fly-off procedure to complete the contest.

Regarding the “Electronic Evidence of Flight Time for Fly-offs” it will be the competitor responsibility to set their altimeter with the unique altitude-time signature before the fly-off flights.  This applies to any model that you fly in the fly-off.  If you do not understand these condition’s please read the rule under section F1.2.7 of the Sporting Code.  In this section is states that the altimeter has to have an altitude measuring frequency of at least 2 Hz.  The All-Tee altimeter so far is the only altimeter that has that capability.  To my knowledge the other altimeters that we use do not meet that requirement.  As I believe that this is not fare to the competitor’s that have the other altimeters in their models and do not have an All-Tee they can also do the unique signature before the fly-off flight.  If they set their DT time for 20 seconds over the required flight time, meaning 6:20 for a 6:00 minute fly-off flight and then have a disputed flight the altimeter graph will show that the model was over the required 6:00 minute max.  The Jury will then review the data and make a decision on the flight.

As a reminder to the F1B competitor’s the new rule for fly-offs states that you need to wind your motor in the seven minute period for the round.  You do not wind your motor before the round as we did the past few years.

Walt Ghio

«EAGLE CUP» + «Danish Cup»Email Address Corrected

4-7.March 2022.
We invite you to the  following classes: F1A-F1B-F1C-F1Q.

Friday 18:00

The organizers are present at Hovdetun Youth Hostel. You make your Entry, and get your scorecards.

Saturday 08:45    Briefing at competition site, map to the site at Hovdetun.
09:00        First round starts, 4 min. max if calm weather. Also 2. round can have 4 min. max if calm weather, with extended working time. Next 3 rounds have 3 min. max. time.
Total 5 rounds before Flyoff.

F1Q have to decide how to fly themself.(motor and max time)

You have to fill in your result with timekeeper sign. for each round and come to
the secretariat to register. Go together at least three competitors in a timing group. It will be a starting-line for all classes.

We start flyoff asap after regular rounds, about 16:00 o’clock, and we go direct to 8 min.max in first flyoff, due to the early sunset. If windy FO we use All-Tee.
For Flyoff, make a draw who will time You, and each class help each other, so do not pick up your model after 1. F1A flyoff, before you have timed the next class. (B+C+Q)

Fly Off briefing:

ca 15:30 with a drawing of timekeepers. Flyoff F1A, 8 min.max
Flyoff F1B / F1C and F1Q 8 min. max. 2.Flyoff F1A, 10 min.max.
2.Flyoff F1B /F1C and F1Q 10 min. max.

It will be same program for next world Cup Sunday 6th. March.
If problem with FO sunday, we may use Monday morning 7th.March to finish.
Last Flyoff next morning 08:00, or Monday morning.

19:30    Dinner at Hovdetun Youth Hostel if you stay there.
21:00    Price Giving in classes with final result, or at the flying site next morning(Monday morning) after Flyoff.

Hovdetun Youth Hostel cell phone: +47 61171011
Clarion Collection Grand cell: +47 61140000
Quality Hotel Strand cell: +47 61132000

Entries to:

Danish Cup:
Eagle Cup:

before 1.March 2021.

Entry fee: 30 Euro for each class, Juniors 15 Euro.
Pay at Friday or 30 min. before  briefing.

Cov19 rules: before You traveling to Norway.


March 5 & 6, Reserve March 7, 2022 at Lost Hills Field, CA
Covid Protocol Will Be Used

FAI Events:

*Saturday, March 5: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q and F1P
Seven one hour rounds start @ 8AM, extended max times for F1ABCQ are 240 sec.
F1P 180 sec. Rounds 2 thru 7 max is 180 sec.  Flyoff times will be posted

**Sunday, March 6: F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S
Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1S 7:45- 7:55; F1G 8:00-8:10; F1H 8:15-8:25,  F1J 8:30-8:40
Standard 5 rounds 45 minute long starting @ 9AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round.  Event start times will be posted.
If tied at end of standard & 2 FO rounds, tie breaker flight will determine the winner

2021 winners: F1A- Enes Pecenkovic, F1B-Larry Norval , F1C-Taron Malkhasyan, F1Q- Ben Tarcher, F1G-Jerry Fitch, F1H- Blake Jensen, F1J+S- Glen Schneider(J) & Clint Brooks(S). Please shine and return perpetual trophies to the contest.

AMA Cat II and Other Events: Nostalgia and 1/2 A Golden run to San Valeers rules.

Classes scored separately for National Cup but awards per listed combo events
*Saturday: ½ A Gas, A-B Gas, C-D Gas, HLG, Classic Towline Glider
**Sunday: ½ A Nostalgia Gas, A Nostalgia Gas, B-C Nostalgia Gas, Nostalgia Rubber Combined, E-36, P30, Catapult Glider, NEW-Golden Age Power

*Saturday 8AM – 5PM And/Or **Sunday 8AM-4PM
Vintage FAI Power,, 5 flts, 180 sec maxes, No rounds (may enter multiple eras and days)
Nostalgia Wakefield, Sat 8AM – 5PM and Sunday 8AM – 4PM (may enter multiple eras and days)

Entry Fees:
FAI events: FIA,B,C,G,H,J,P,Q, S ; $25 first event, $10 for second
Other events: $15 for first event, $5/each added non-FAI event
All-In Open Fee of $45 to fly your little hearts out!
AMA age Juniors:  HLG & P-30 free, Other events $5, or All-In Fee of $10

Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places
Perpetual trophies for F1A,B,C,G,H,J-S combined
Junior Hi-Time Glider, Rubber and Power Trophies
$100 to the top 20 Something F1ABC flyer

AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships are required
FAI events run to the 2022 FAI rules except as noted
Protest in addition to $30 requires equipment needed for measurements if needed. Q flyers to measure, calculate and monitor one another’s motor runs

Contest Director                                              
Jim Parker
605Wills Point Dr, Allen TX, 75013


Info on SEN

When sending information to be included in SEN it is better to send it in plain text, a text email  or if the document is complicated in Microsoft Word or similar.  Do not use PDF because we cannot include it in the SEN document, so we use a program to convert it plain text or Microsoft Word. This program does not always do a good job and sometimes the converted document will upset the whole SEN issue. This can take a long time to fix and may delay the SEN or the publication of the story. Do not send a Picture, either of the text or a picture for inclusion. On very rare occasions we will include an image  but check with us before sending an image.

Contest results are best in Excel (or a similar spread sheet program) format as this gives a the most options for formatting the results to fit on a page.