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Another look at Lost Hills Weather

From: Terry Kerger
Here is a better weather forecast….,-119.660,8

Terry Kerger

The 2022 FAI Southwest Regionals Model Airplane Championships

The first America’s Cup contest of 2022, the FAI SWR, was held on January 15 and 16 at Eloy, Arizona.
The Covid-19 pandemic caused the entry numbers to be down compared to previous years. We still had 28 competitors flying in the 8 FAI events. The contestants were from AZ, CA, CO, NV, OK, OR, PA, TX, and UT. We had 4 ladies flying FAI events, Julie Parker (F1Q, F1S), Janna Van Nest (F1S), Tiffaney O’Dell (F1G) and Jasminka Pecenkovic (F1A). Ron Felix (F1B) traveled the farthest from Pennsylvania.

On Friday the weather was still good but the forecast for Saturday (F1A to F1Q) showed winds already early to be up to 20mph. On Saturday the temperature in the morning was 37°F (3°C) but then warmed up to about 70°F (21°C) with mostly overcast skies, but the ENE wind speed was only 0 to 6 mph (3m/s) during the first 3 rounds. Then in the 4th round the wind suddenly became very turbulent and then became stronger. In this 4th round more than half of the F1A fliers dropped their flight! The 5th round was delayed and then stopped as the E wind was above 15 mph (7m/s). At 3:00 pm the fly-offs for F1A and F1B started from the far East field. A 2nd fly-off was held at 4:45 and only for F1B a 3rd fly-off on Sunday morning for 10 minutes with perfect conditions. The weather on Sunday for F1G to F1S was good with temperatures from 44°F (7°C) in the morning to 73°F (23°C) during the day and wind speeds from 0 to 4 mph (2m/s). The fly-offs for F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S had very low thermal activity and were all decided in the 1st round.

On Saturday F1Q was won by Jack Murphy with Julie Parker in 2nd. Combined F1C/P had 3 entries with Faust Parker (F1C) maxing out, Bob Hanford (F1P) in 2nd place and Glenn Schneider (F1P) in 3rd. F1A had 9 flying. After 4 rounds there were only 3 maxed out. 2 made the 6-minute fly-off in the strong wind. Shlomi Rosenzweig and Mike McKeever then did a second F1A fly-off which Shlomi won for 1st place, Mike was 2nd and Jasminka Pecenkovic was then 3rd. F1B had 5 flyers of which all maxed out through the 2nd fly-off round! The early Sunday morning 3rd fly-off was won by Blake Jensen with 8 minutes and 41 seconds for 1st place, Jerry Fitch was 2nd and Walt Ghio was in 3rd place.

On Sunday we flew F1G, F1H, F1J and F1S in 5 rounds. F1G had 5 fliers with 2 maxing out. Tiffaney won the F1G Bear trophy by maxing the fly-off with Peter Brocks in 2nd and Don DeLoach in 3rd place. In F1H we had 4 participants. Here Blake Jensen won the F1H Bear maxing in the fly-off round with Ken Bauer coming in 2nd   and Jim Parker in 3rd place. 4 participated in F1J. Mike McKeever maxed in the fly-off winning the F1J Bear. Glenn Schneider was 2nd in F1J and Faust Parker came into 3rd place. In F1S, the small electric event, we had 10 competitors flying with 4 maxing out after 5 rounds. The F1S fly-off to make 2 minutes on a 5 second motor run was quickly decided. George Morris was the only one making 120s to win the F1S Bear trophy. Jack Murphy was 2nd and Larry Norvall 3rd.
Jerry Fitch ran the F1G fly-off and Don DeLoach ran the F1S fly-off, thanks a lot for your help.
A big thank you to all participants and to Mike Fruciano, Tom Gaylor and my wife Brigitte who all made this contest a memorable event.

Peter Brocks, CD


January 15-17, 2022     Peter Brocks, CD    AMA Sanction No. 12065

    F1A                                        FO          Total
1  Shlomi Rosenzweig    180 180 180 180     360 360        1440
2  Mike McKeever        180 180 180 180     360 274        1354
3  Jasminka PecenkovBIH 180 180 180 180      81             801
4  Risto Puhakka        180 180 180 171                     711
5  Brian Van Nest       180 180 180 165                     705
6  Jim Parker           158 180 180 180                     698
7  Ken Bauer            180 180 180 138                     678
8  Enes Pecenkovic      180 180 180 124                     664
9  Peter Brocks         180 180 180 122                     662

F1B                                                    Total
1  Blake Jensen         180 180 180 180     360 360 521    1961
2  Jerry Fitch          180 180 180 180     360 360 500    1940
3  Walt Ghio            180 180 180 180     360 360 425    1865
4  Larry Norvall        180 180 180 180     360 360 395    1835
5  Ron Felix            180 180 180 180     360 360 341    1781

F1C/P                                5                  Total
1  Faust Parker     F1C 180 180 180 180                     720
2  Bob Hanford      F1P 180 180 150 112                     622
3  Glenn Schneider  F1P   4  DN  DN  DNF                      4

F1Q                                  5                  Total
1  Jack Murphy          180 180 180 163                     703
2  Julie Parker         163 135 180 180                     658

F1G                                     FO              Total
1  Tiffaney O’Dell      120 120 120 120 120 180             780
2  Peter Brocks         120 120 120 120 120 147             747
3  Don DeLoach          120 120 109 120 120                 589
4  Jerry Fitch          120 120 120 101 120                 581
5  Alan Petersen         98  87 107  48 120                 460

F1H                                     FO              Total
1  Blake Jensen         120 120 120 120 120 240             840
2  Ken Bauer            120 120 120 120 120 132             732
3  Jim Parker           120 120 120 120 120 129             729
4  Brian Van Nest       120 120 120 119 120                 599

F1J                                     FO              Total
1  Mike McKeever        120 120 120 120 120 240             840
2  Glenn Schneider      120 120 120 120 120 135             735
3  Faust Parker         120 120 120 120 114                 594
4  Don Bartick          120 120  82  60 120                 502

F1S                                     FO              Total
1  George Morris        120 120 120 120 120 120             720
2  Jack Murphy          120 120 120 120 120 117             717
3  Larry Norvall        120 120 120 120 120  97             697
4  Julie Parker         120 120 120 120 120  82             682
5  Jerry Murphy         115 120 120 120 120                 595
6  Don Bartick          111 120 120 120 120                 591
7  Rick Pangell         120 120 120  95 120                 575
8  Janna Van Nest       120  55 120 120 115                 530
9  Allan Mecham         120 120 120  48 120                 528
10 Charlie Morris        21  DN  DN DNF  DNF                 21

Ike Winter Classic revised
5 X 5 HLG added

Isaacson Winter Classic
AMA Events

At Lost Hills, California
12 and 13 February 2022
National Cup events
In conjunction with Kiwi Cup  World and America’s Cup Events

Saturday  February 12, 2022
Go for the Gold with Golden Age ½ A
AMA Gas 1/2A
HLG – AMA Rules, also part of Strong Arm  Glider Challenge
E-36 – AMA rules
Vintage FAI Gas – no rounds
NOS Gas A,
Gollywock One Design
AMA Gas C, D, Sup. D Combined.

5 X 5 HLG special event 2:30 PM at HLG Glider Pen (see Tim Batiuk for rules)

Sunday February 13 , 2022
Mass Launch from Specials 7:30*
E-36 Mass Launch  **
Gollywock. (tie breaker for 3 X 3) and separate prize
Regular Events 7am – 4pm
CLG – AMA Rules , also part of Strong Arm  Glider Challenge
NOS Gas B and C Combined
AMA Gas  A and B
NOS Gas 1/4A,   Early 1/2A ,1/2A  Combined
Nos Electric –  all classes combined
NOS Rubber
Large and small combined-NFFS Rules
Bob White Award for  Vintage Wakefield as per new rules, no rounds
Classic Glider NFFS Rules

COVID-19 mitigation requirements will be in effect


AMA Events – Event Director Glenn Schneider

For the FAI events including Kiwi Cup for F1ABCPQ, Mini events F1HGJS and F1E, see a separate flyer

Small Print section

Entry Fees $20 for the first event (can be an FAI event) and $5 for subsequent events. $5 for Juniors.

For the mass launch events the exact launch time of each event will be given later*
The E-36 Mass launch will be coordinated with the first round of F1S (which may be delayed if there is a long Kiwi Cup  flyoff on Sunday AM )**

HLG and CLG  National Cup Points.  These events will be flown from the Glider Pen and there will an additional special award for these events : Strong Arm  Glider Challenge.  This is  the overall winner of the aggregate results of the HLG and CLG classes. Points are awarded for the place in the event. This means first will get 1 , second 2 , etc. If a person does not fly in one of the events, for the purposes of this their points will be one more than the number of people in the event. The winner is person with the least number of points.  This award is open to flyers of all age categories.  There is an additional prize for the top Youth flyer.. This is for all youth flyers in the same categories , there is a small difference in that half points are awarded for the  CLG class, making this class more important as there are more youth flyers in this category.  For both awards if there is a tie it will be decided by the sum of all the times. Double times for CLG in the youth category.

Golden Age:  Any post NOS design published, kitted or flown competitively between 1 Jan 1957 and 31 Dec 1969 scaled if needed to 1/2 A size, powered by either Holland Hornet 049-051 or Cox TD 049-051.  Construction must replicate the original design, no carbon fiber to be used in construction.  NOS flight rules.   Gas powered only for this award.

Vintage FAI :  5 flights, no rounds, First flight before 9 A.M. will be timed to the ground, that time will be used as a tie breaker if a tie persists after two regular flyoff rounds.  Flyoffs if needed will be scheduled for 1 P.M.  Flyoff type. longer flights vs shorter engine runs will be determined by the consensus of the fliers involved and weather conditions at the time.  Era specification and engine runs per NFFS

Combined events will be separated for National Cup points. AMA gas events will be determined AMA vs Classic when registered for National Cup.

Glenn Schneider is running the AMA events.

Rest of the story: As most of you know Norm Furutani, one of the founders of this event retired from running it after  the 2018 event.  This event is very popular along with the FAI events.   Glenn Schneider has offered to run the AMA events with a number of volunteers.  This is very much appreciated by me and by those who want to take part.  We have tried to maintain the spirit of the event. Popular events with the largest participation are the HLG and CLG,  Gollywock, E-36, Vintage FAI and Nos Rubber.  At the Winter Classic in the past we have promoted special events, typically boosted by some donated $ in the prize money.  This year we have the Golden Age ½ A Gas models.

Most of the people who have offered to help are AMA/Nos gas flyers. Glenn can probably do with some help, particularly on Saturday from some with electric, glider or rubber model experience.

Brian Van Nest is  CD of the Isaacson October Classic and Kiwi Cup.

In memory of our dear friends
Bob and LaVera Isaacson



F1N Outdoor, not exactly

International visitors may note that the Ike Winter classic includes Hand launch Glider and Catapult Glider. The AMA HLG rules are not exactly the same F1N Outdoor and you can see a Link to the AMA Free Flight rules .  So if you fly F1N – outdoor the Ike gives you the opportunity to fly against some of the best from the USA. One of the leading HLG protagonists in the USA  is Stan Buddenbohm, the World record holder for F1N (indoor).   And for those who prefer to stretch their rubber instead of wind it how about CLG.