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Fab Feb Entries

The global travel situation  is changing all the time, sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse.  If  you are planning on coming and taking part in a FAI event at Lost Hills in Feb, please enter online, this includes flyers in the USA, even those in Southern California ?? . This helps the organizers plan.  If you do not enter online from home, you will have to enter online when you get to Lost Hills (remember that XXX*) . It is much easier to do it from home.  The organizers understand if you have to cancel.  You do not pay until you get to Lost Hills so there are no money issues.  Because these events are some of the first ones in the year the FAI IDs for World Cup events are checked and the AMA number too so you can get them all fixed in plenty of time if there is a problem. We are in the processes of doing it now and if we find an issue we will email you.

The link to enter on line is

If there is a mistake or a change you need to make do not enter again, email with the change.

*Name removed to protect the pseudo innocent.


USA Team Selection Bulletin

For USA FAI Sportsmen and friends

The USA Team Selection team just sent out a bulletin to all people who are signed up to receive it. It has the latest finals info. So if you did not get it and thought you were on the list,  first look in your email, then your spam. The list is maintained by Colleen Pierce at the AMA and Bill Booth the Team Selection Committee chairman at

Travel from Israel

From:Mike Schwartz
The government of Israel has just put in place a travel-ban on its citizens from traveling to the US. This means that Israel will not be attending the Fab Feb 2022 contest. Israel has also banned travel to a number of other countries, including Germany, Norway and Denmark.


From:Gary Pope
Hi Rog,
This is just a thank you note at this special time of the year for the wonderful connection you provide to Contest Free-Flighters all over the world for 365 days a year.

Merry Christmas to you & Lindy

great to hear from you.  Good to see that you and all the other guys across the ditch are getting out and doing some serious flying.

Sunny and Calm Christmas to you all, everywhere, not just those on the way to West Wyalong.