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  2. 2022 Fab Feb Update


From: Bill Booth
The doors of the 2022 NFFS Symposium are open for business and everyone is welcome to join the process. I have been a very active Free Flighter for 60 years and just this past year I learned things about the hobby that I didn’t know existed. There is always something be it amusing or enlightening or just practical. There are pieces of the fabric of our hobby that are not always visible to those outside our immediate circle. Do not be bashful and experience as an author is not required. The Sympo is a great opportunity to tell us about something we might not know about our hobby in addition to technical articles, design theory, new devices, new techniques and just good stories. Indoor, outdoor, sport, FAI, AMA , FAC are all vibrant components of Free Flight. I want everyone included. We are very fortunate to have Gene Ulm as the Chair for Models of the Year and Jerry Murphy as the Chair for the Hall of Fame and they are accepting nominations now ().

Please submit your thoughts and concepts as soon as possible. While we celebrate the holidays, think of how to make Sympo #55 the best we can, then let’s shoot for having draft articles in my hands by mid-January. Photos and supporting graphics are always a big bonus for articles or just for filler.

The best way to reach me is at . I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

Fab Feb Update

Recall, this is the overall schedule.
Feb 2022 – day by day

* Friday 11 Feb – World Cups Sign up   (place to be determined)
* Saturday 12 Feb Kiwi World Cup, Ike 1
* Sunday 13 Feb Kiwi Mini Events, Ike 2
* Monday 14 Feb Kiwi F1E World Cup
* Tues 15 Feb Reserve Day
* Tues 15 Feb Ladies Tea party  (checking on details)
* Wed 16 Feb North American World Cup
* Thurs 17 Cal Cup F1E World Cup
* Friday 18 MaxMen  Mini Events
* Saturday 19 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1A and F1Q
* Saturday 19 Feb  Evening – America’s Cup Banquet/Presentation (checking on some details, format to be decided)
* Sunday 20 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1B, F1C and F1P
* Monday 21 Feb Reserve Day

More detailed flyers will appear in a future SEN

If you are flying in the FAI events you should enter online. You do not  do it for the AMA events. We check you your FAI ID, AMA Number and Lost Hills membership to make sure that everything goes smoothly at Lost Hills and will help you in getting your paper work right where applicable.

Every year there are always a few entrants who need some changes after the initial online entries, this year with various uncertainties caused by Covid etc. there will certainly be more, probably some at the last minute. This is OK.  If you are intending to take part, please enter, you can cancel later, there is no penalty to you and we will understand. An email address is included so you can change or cancel your entry.  The FAI events require a lot of advance preparation by the organizer and if people arrive without  pre-entry, it can be very disruptive and potentially hard to do it all before the first round so please enter online.

So far we have 40 pre-entries from the following countries :
Have you signed up yet?

Fab Feb 2022 Online sign up link.

So, this is where you sign up

North American Cup.
We got some questions because the North American was not on the list of World Cups in a recent FFn.  This has been resolved and it is on the list.  Even though this is a Canadian event the AMA requires that an AMA authorized contest director run the event as it is in the USA, this is for insurance etc purposes. This will be Walt Ghio.

Kiwi Cup
Roger Morrell and Lindy Murrell have some unexpected non-covid related travel restriction so will not be able to attend. They are still working on the event. Brian Van Nest will be the Contest Director, helped as usual by his wife Janna. Thanks to the Van Nests.

Special Thanks
This year the CIAM introduced new procedures for getting the sanctions for international events like the World cups. This included a different way entering the information and a requirement that the country hosting an event rather than the country organizing the event applied for the sanction.  While the CIAM provided training to the NACs on the new IT system it did mean new processes for the NAC and organizing Contest Directors.  So thanks to Colleen Pierce of the AMA Competition Dept in working with her counterparts in the  Canadian  and New Zealand NACs and for helping the CDs of the events and to Ian Kaynes for helping us navigate the changed requirements.

USA Covid related travel requirements
We have had some questions about covid related travel requirements.  The USA authority is the CDC = Centers for Disease Prevention and  Control.  Their web site is at  The first page gives links to travel requirements and you need to follow these links to get the information that applies to you.   If you are concerned about any special guidance for California it is on a State web site at

Many airlines also have requirements that apply to travelling with them and the country you are going to and passing through so check with your airline too.  Some airlines have very helpful information