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  1. Fab Feb Update.
  2. Fab Feb 2022 sign up link.
  3. Some mixes are mix ups

Fab Feb Update.

In the news item below is the link to the online sign up for the FAI event in Fab Feb 2022 at Lost Hills.
This is a summary of the events that comprise Fab Feb.  There are a number of different types of events.
* World Cup Events (F1A,B,C,P,Q and E)
* FAI Mini Events (F1H,G,J,S)
* A selection of popular AMA plus some special AMA events each year. The  Ike that is flown with the Kiwi Cup has these all of these events on the first weekend.
* Some social events.
Feb 2022 – day by day

* Friday 11 Feb – World Cups Sign up   (place to be determined)
* Saturday 12 Feb Kiwi World Cup, Ike 1
* Sunday 13 Feb Kiwi Mini Events, Ike 2
* Monday 14 Feb Kiwi F1E World Cup
* Tues 15 Feb Reserve Day
* Tues 15 Feb Ladies Tea party  (checking on details)
* Wed 16 Feb North American World Cup
* Thurs 17 Cal Cup F1E World Cup
* Friday 18 MaxMen  Mini Events
* Saturday 19 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1A and F1Q
* Saturday 19 Feb  Evening – America’s Cup Banquet/Presentation (checking on some details, format to be decided)
* Sunday 20 Feb MaxMen World Cup F1B, F1C and F1P
* Monday 21 Feb Reserve Day

If you are flying in the FAI events you should enter online. You do not  do it for the AMA events.
We have a had a number of emails from people planning to take part n the FAI events that have not flown at Fab Feb before, so here is what happens.  You go to the online sign up and enter your information. For those in World Cup events this includes your FAI ID. For visiting international modelers flying in the USA, you must have AMA associate membership. This includes AMA’s insurance coverage. Details are on the AMA website at  For the Fab Feb if you do not have it we will organize it for you. Everyone who flies at Lost Hills must belong to the Lost Hills Association, we will organize that too.   After you complete the online entry,  you will be emailed a confirmation of about what you entered and the cost.  You do NOT pay any money.  On the Friday before the first event , 11 February in 2022 you signup, present your paperwork, license , etc. and pay for all the events.  You will never be asked to pay before getting to Lost Hills. You can also change your entries if required. This sign up is usually done at the Lost Hills Community Center. Currently as we write this , the Community Center is closed for public health reasons. This situation is changing so if it is not open in February, we will do the signup at another place. This will be announced in SEN and at the Lost Hills  hotels.  If are not flying in the first events so will arrive later in the week you can sign up then.

Every year there are always a few entrants who need some changes after the initial online entries, this year with various uncertainties caused by Covid etc. there will certainly be more, probably some at the last minute. This is OK.  If you are intending to take part, please enter, you can cancel later, there is not penalty to you and we will understand. An email address is included so you can change or cancel your entry.  The FAI events require a lot of advance preparation by the organizer and if people arrive without  pre-entry, it can be very disruptive and potentially hard to do it all before the first round so please enter online.


Fab Feb 2022 Online sign up link.

So, this is where you sign up

Some mixes are mix ups

From:Ian Kaynes

F1Q is compatible with F1ABC but not with minis. I remember MaxMen 2015 when F1Q was flown on mini days – confusion about max times and associated announcements, all different from the minis and then number of rounds. Please, not to be repeated

Ian Kaynes