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  1. Patterson F1E
  2. FAI Sporting License – Finding the ID

Patterson F1E

From:Thomas G Ioerger

Hi Roger
Please remind the F1E flyers that the last F1E contest of the season will be held in conjunction with the Patterson contest on November 15th at Lost Hills. We will fly five rounds on Monday starting nominally at ten o’clock.
Tom Ioerger

FAI Sporting License – Finding the ID

From: Peter Brocks
In October at Lost Hills some sportsmen did not have the official Sporting License issued by FAI and therefore did not have a document that shows their FAI Id. For US sportsmen to receive your official copy of you FAI Sporting License after ordering and receiving the incomplete FAI license from the NAA (National Aeronautic Association), go to . On that page you put in your email-address and click on “send”. FAI will then automatically send you a pdf of front and back of your Sporting License which shows your name, FAI Id, expiration date and the flag of your country. To print your license in credit card size you need to adjust the size before printing. Starting in 2022 your FAI Id number has to be on the wings of your models.

Peter Brocks