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SEN 2908

  1. Kotuku Korrection and Komment
  2. New FAI project
  3. Juniors at LH in October so far
  4. Problems with the Free Flight Quarterly website

Kotuku Korrection and Komment

I hate to make corrections but times on the last F1C round were switched . In other news  the day after the Kotuku Blake clocked the winds at 44 miles per hour. It’s really dusty and the tumbleweeds are blowing like crazy.
Us girls didn’t even go shopping thinking we might get blown over on the roads
I’m making changes and sending over

    Kotuku Cup        OCT  10&11          Brian Van Nest CD

F!C                               Rnd1 Rnd2 Rnd3 Rnd4 Rnd5 Rnd6 Rnd7 TOTAL

1  Don Chesson           240  180  180  180  180  180  179    1079
2  Ron McBurnett         240  180  180  180  118  180  180    1018


New FAI project

From:Per Findahl

I want to promote a new FAI project initiated by CIAM. We call it the
Rookie project and the goal is to get more young pilots into the world of
aviation. I hope you all want to help us promote the project and also start
to fly with our youngest kids ! The project started in the CIAM Education
S/C, it’s mainly myself and Vincent Merlijn who spent lots of time to make
this happen. But of course with help from the rest of the CIAM Education
S/C, CIAM Bureau and the FAI office in Lausanne. So, build some fun simple
models according to the Rookie rules, go out and fly, have fun with
the kids and register some times in our postal contest !


Juniors at LH in October so far

Missing Kongrats

Per’s posting above reminded me that we had been remiss by not listing the Junior Category flyers at the Lost Hills, while not very may the acquitted them selves well in top level competition . Both Noa Goldstein and Ittai Kohavi made the flyoff rounds. The table below shows their overall placing.

5  Ittai Kohavi

4  Noa Goldstein
15  Anatt Goldstein

14  Ittai Kohavi

9  Ittai Kohavi


Problems with the Free Flight Quarterly website

From: Sergio Montes
Could you please add this short message below to your next SEN?


Jumpline, the hosting company we have used for 15 years, performed a major upgrade on October 9th and was back online on October 10th.  Unfortunately the FFQ website did not come back online at that time. We have monitored the status of the FFQ website since the morning of October 10th and sent email to the Jumpline support.  So far Jumpline has not replied to our messages, this is unusual.

We may have to  begin exploring options including migration to a new hosting company.

Sergio Montes
Ed. Free Flight Quarterly