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  2. from FB; though this is a nice thank you to Pim Ruyter
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My  Perfect planks

From:Martin Gregorie
The best building boards I’ve ever had were made by Joe Maxwell and are no longer available : you simply told him wing and tail panel sizes,
sections and dihedral. The building boards you got back were very nice
indeed, to the extent that the matching ends of the main and tip panels
were chamfered to match the angle at the dihedral break.

I had a 5 piece set for my F1As: one board each for tailplane, tips and
inner panels. These were built on a base of 19mm thick blockboard: think
plywood, but with only only 5 laminations of 2.8mm wood to form the 19mm
plank. These were topped with a layer of spanwise obechi, with spanwise
grain and shaped to match the undersurface of the panel. Obechi is a low
density hardwood.

On receipt I painted the work surfaces of mine with a coat of non-
shrinking varnish to harden the surface before gluing on a 6mm square
strip of spruce to act as a stop for the LE. These boards never showed
any tendency to warp. The surface finish I’d added was good protection
against surface damage.

I initially built open structure balsa wings on mine, but continued to
use them as my structures evolved , via glass and Kevlar D-boxes to
carbon D-Box wings.

Joe was a craftsman, using a DeWalt radial arm saw to shape the jig
surface. Thats beyond my pay grade, but now it should be quite easy to
make similar boards with a 3D milling tool provided yon buy one whose
work area is big enough to accommodate the board for your largest panel.

Martin Gregorie

from FB; though this is a nice thank you to Pim Ruyter

From:Edmund Liem  ( seen by Edmund who thought it needed wider circulation)

Special thanks to Mr. Pim Ruyter,
I began to build and fly free flight models in 1980. I lost many models in
the fields. My friends, especially Dr. Naci Bitik also lost many models in
the fields. After spending a lot of efforts to build an F1A/F1B model, it
was so sad and discouraging to lose the model.

I got my first radio signal transmitters (beacon) from Mr. Pim Ruyter in
1999 during FAI F1 World Championships at Israel. Since then, maybe, I made
more than 1.200 F1B flights (test flights + competitions). In the last 21
years I lost only one model because the model landed into a lake and lost
in the water. Using the beacons, I found the models even in the most
difficult conditions.

Last weekend, we were at Valchitran/Bulgaria to participate in Prista and
Bulgaria World Cup contests. The meadow was spread over a large area,
surrounded by tall and dried corn plants. Corn fields were huge. In between
there were fields of long-stemmed cut-off sunflowers. Especially on Sunday,
there was wind and the giant thermals. Models were going up to more than
400 meters altitudes. In some rounds, models went to very far distances and
landed in the middle of corn fields or cut-off sun flower fields. Model
retrieval was not easy. Using the beacons, I found the models without any
big problem.

I think radio signal transmitter is one of the most important innovations
contributing to outdoor free flight sport. For this reason, I want to
express my thanks to Mr. Pim Ruyter once again.
Ismet Yurtseven -original Author

*Edmund Liem*



Nov 13th & 14th Reserve Nov 15th, 2021 at Lost Hills Field

Sanction No.
Americas Cup Contest


Saturday, Nov 13th: F1A, F1B, F1C, F1Q, F1P

Seven [7] one hour rounds start @ 7:30 AM with extended max times F1A, F1B, F1C, and F1Q: 240 sec F1P 180 sec
Remaining round maxes are 180 sec.
Fly off schedule 30 min after end of last round. Event start times will be posted

Sunday, Nov 14th: F1G, F1H, F1J, F1S

Tie Breaker flight to the ground. F1H 7:30-7:40; F1G 7:45-7:55; F1S & F1J 8:00:-8:10 There may be a slight delay if F1A, F1B, F1C require morning fly offs
Standard Five [5] rounds 45 minute long starting @ 8:30 AM, 120 sec maxes.
2 FO flights starting 45 min after end of last round Event start times will be posted. If tied at end of standard rounds, tie breaker flight time add

Tie breaker as above 10 second motor run timed to the ground
F1S will run in rounds the same as F1H & F1G ( 10 sec motor run 2 minute max)
Fly off 1 will be 5 second motor run 2 minute max Fly off 2 will be 5 second motor run 3 minute max
If there is tie after 5 rounds +2 fly offs tie breaker will be based on early morning flight.

Entry Fees:

FAI events: FIA, B, C, G, H, J, P, Q; $25 first event, $10 for second AMA age juniors: $5/event,


Trophies awarded for 1-2-3 places in F1A, B, C, G, H, Q, J, and F1S Perpetual trophies for F1A, B, C, G, H, J (if they show up at the field)! Junior Hi-Time Trophy Glider, Rubber

F1P 1st only


AMA & Lost Hills Field Assn memberships are MANDATORY
FAI events run to the 2021 FAI rules

Flight line will move as needed to avoid retrieval from the trees No Moto-flapping
RDT allowed all events.

Contest Director Brian Van Nest 2346 Cheyenne Dr
Bishop CA 93514
Cell 760-937-0177
Covid 19 rules and social distancing apply
Bring exact change