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  3. Lost Hills Motels
  4.  F1E Meisterschaft
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All-Tee Doc

We forgot to post the link to the manual


Settings is Key

From: PierreChaussebourg

About altimeters.
In aviation altimeters are used according three différent setting :

QFE: altimeters set on pressure on the ground at a given place (airport) gives the elevation over that point.

QNH: altimeter is set on the pressure at the sea level on a given place. This gives an altitude as what you can read on Maps They give an altitude over sea level at any place.

Flying levels : used in commercial and général aviation: all altimeters are set on a given pressure which is 1013 mb. So at any place the position in height at a given place can be compared between two different airplanes.

In case of fly off all altimeters should be set on the same setting !
If they are all set originally on 1013 mb there is no problem!
If they « may » have several setting, here is the mess !


Lost Hills Motels

For those looking for a Motel at Lost Hills, check all because a number of places on the I-5 have been bumping up their prices


 F1E Meisterschaft

From:William Damerell

The Swiss F1E Meisterschaft was flown on 08.08.21.

Results are at:

Best in Free Flight.
Kind Regards,

William Damerell.

The All-Tee Achievement

From:Jerry Fitch

I didn’t find an All-Tee by googling.  T shirts yes, altimeter no.  Did I miss a meeting?

Editor’s reply
{warning – this answer has some explanations that some may find obscure, obfuscating, irrelevant, maybe rude, etc That is not the intent. The editor is just a little punchy and trying to develop some humor or rather Humour CHE style  If all of this might worry just go directly to the last line of this section.}

I could say that the story off Free Flight , so well hidden that not even Google can find !

If you are cyber security maven and look at the link above and those on either SEN or FaceBook you will see that they are places Google probably does not find.

We do put SEN online at places where Google might find it but have not done that yet.

WE will post soon and then look to see if Google finds it.

And I can tell that you are not one of the truly (about Google) paranoid because if you were you would use Duckduckgo as a search engine it would have told you too look on FaceBook.

But your security is safe as I can’t see your calendar so I don’t know if you missed a meeting.

Meanwhile if you want to scoop go to the All-Tee Altimeter on the FaceBook.