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Two faces of All-Tee

The reason All-Tee was designed was provide a a certified, accurate and effective altimeter to satisfy the maximum altitude measuring requirement for a FAI Free Flight “Altimeter flyoff”.  It has procedures so it can be used without ambiguity in competition conditions.  It is not intended to be a flight timing device. This use applies to FAI Free Flight models as described in the Sporting Code.

In addition it is very accurate altimeter that can log an entire flight or flights, graph the results and export them for further processing.  A common existing commercial  altimeter often  used for this is the “Fly Dream” Altimeter.  All-Tee is much smaller, more accurate and easier to use.  In this case it is very useful  to all classes of outdoor free flight models.


From the All-Tee Altimeter group on FB
CIAM and All-Tee

Tapio Linkosalo asked a question .

Two questions (related more to CIAM than All-Tee, but I suppose this is proper group to discuss them anyway):
1. As I read the rules in FF section, there is a mention that the signature (raise and lower the model a given number of times) should be introduced to the log. There is no mention about the green led indicating that the logger is empty. Moreover, if the flier gives a dispute, (s)he is allowed to proceed. Can (s)he then use the same logger on the next flight? Thus the logger will not be empty on the second flight?
– Where is the EDIC part of CIAM rules found? I was not able to find in the CIAM F-category, even though the “General” part seems to imply that it should be found following the file for space models?

3 Answers from Allard, where to find the info, etc

From: Allard van Wallene

The EDIC section is here.

CIAM, EDIC and Free Flight White Paper.

The Clarifications
The tweaking of the rules using altimeters in FF is ongoing within the FF subcommittee. It will result in amendments on how to use them. Exceptional scenarios as depicted by Tapio will be taken into consideration and will result in clarifications.


 Altimeter Q for Allard

From:Ed Skorepa

Since All-Tee altimeters starting to appear on flying fields, we have had some discussion on how they actually work. So, the question is: What does trigger the recording? Is it altitude change or is there a G-meter on board or something else?
ed skorepa

The All-Tee Manual says

“The All-Tee will start recording data the moment it is powered up (when
memory with recorded altitude data is empty) or the altitude exceeds 5 meters
(when previous flights are already stored in memory) measured from the
position it is switched on.”

The manual is quite comprehensive and gives additional information on how to use in competition.   A person who CDs a FAI  category 1 or 2 should be familiar with those processes.

There is a further information on the All-Tee Altimeter on  FaceBook group that has more information from Allard and other users.

Let’s see what Allard has to say.