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  1. Looking for Rocket City Clamps
  2. Found – Classic FAI FF Fotos
  3. SCAT Annual Flash

Looking for Rocket City Clamps

From: Don DeLoach
Anyone have any Rocket City pin clamps they’d be willing to sell me?
They were the little black plastic discs sold at hobby shops back the

TIA and Thrmx

Found – Classic FAI FF Fotos

54 Wakefield and other slides on ebay

From:Mike Fantham

Prices seem crazy but some good historical scenes here…

editor’s comments – never knew my old Kodachromes went for so much …


SCAT Annual Flash

Saturday Weather did not read forecast so start delayed

Flyoff on Sunday
F1A at 7:20 am, 7 min window, 10 min max
Guy Goldstein
Mike McKeever
Brian Van Nest
Ken Bauer
Enes Pencenkovic
Jim Parker

F1B at 7:40 am. 7 min window, 10 max
Mike Davis
Bill Booth
Larry Norvell
Walt Ghio
Blake Jensen

Mini Event Tie Breaker start may move out 15 minutes to allow for FO chase time.
Only AMA flown today was 1/2 A Nos. Therefore all other Saturday AMA events by be flown on Sunday.
WU showing 4 mph through noon and 6 mph in afternoon. Let’s hope they’re right this time!

Jim Parker

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Roger Morrell