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  1. Two Tone Tatone?
  2. Check the Weather

Two Tone Tatone?

From: Martin Dilly
Tatone Timers

Does anyone recall a multi-function Tatone timer? John Tatone’s original patent from 1961 shows a timer with dual outputs, one fast for engine cut-off and another slow one for DT. Was that version ever marketed? I certainly don’t recall ever seeing one in Britain.

Check the Weather

From: Daryl Perkins
Good morning Roger, Please share with anyone who is coming to Lost Hills for the SCAT annual this week through the Grapevine. Forecast is for rain and snow Wednesday through Friday morning with below freezing temperatures.  Be safe. dp

Editor’s Comment
It does appear that some people are already on the field.  Not sure what that means, except always check the weather before making the trip.  Wundergound reports temps from 40 F to 25 F , at Frazier Park at the top of the Grapevine  getting warmer each day.  Fortunately the hills at Lost Hills are not at 4000 feet.