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FAI News

From: Ian Kaynes
To organisers of F1 World Cup competitions
The message below has been issued following the decisions at a CIAM Bureau meeting. The World Cup has been suspended until May 10 and will be reviewed again in April.
For all the F1 events within the period up to May 10 I will apply the same principle as last year – either continue and run the events as an Open International or postpone until later this year or 2022. If the event is postponed the registration fee already paid will apply to the event on the new date. Please tell me as soon as possible whether you choose open international  or postponement. If you can fix a new date (for example the equivalent date in 2022) then that would be good, but if you cannot fix the date now it can be decided later.

If there are any events after May 10 that consider it would be better to postpone their event then the same option is available – postpone until later in 2021 or to 2022.


Ian Kaynes

CIAM Bureau message

From :FAI

Dear friends,
CIAM Bureau members met via zoom on Saturday February 6 and discussed the current situation with COVID-19 pandemic and after evaluation we decided the following:
For CIAM Plenary Meeting
For the time being it is not possible even to think to schedule a face-to-face meeting. The Plenary is going to happen on May 8th, via zoom again and in a similar way this was organized last year.
Soon a detailed plan including the various technical meetings program will be announced by the office. The agenda will follow.
1. CIAM President is in touch with FAI President, FAI Secretary General, the Office and the rest of the Airsports Commissions Presidents so to find solutions for CIAM activities, but also to have a similar approach for addressing the issues.
2. For the moment it is not necessary or required but in case there is such a need, CIAM Bureau will ask an extraordinary authorization from the delegates to handle all CIAM matters.

For First Category events

The situation is evaluated on case by case basis. We know from the reports, that almost everywhere restrictions are applied but not all over of the world are the same. Unfortunately, there are delays in vaccinations and according to the estimations the percentage of the vaccinated population which will allow the authorities to consider lifting the restrictions will be reached later than estimated. You will find together with this announcement a table with all First Category events. The date when the organizers together with CIAM will finally decide is also included. [ We did not get this] We have already started contacting the organizers and this will happen with all of them so to decide the best possible option for each event.  We are also considering the messages we are receiving from the NACs and we are listening carefully their concerns or suggestions. We all know that the situation is not easy. It is not only the pandemic which is causing a lot of problems, but due to the pandemic in many occasions our life and priorities have changed.
All the decisions will be announced on time. The S/C chairmen are working with the members of their S/C’s for the best available option for every case.

For Second Category events

1. Due to the current situation in almost all countries where CIAM events are planned, CIAM Bureau unanimously agrees to extend the suspension of the World Cup ranking until May 10, 2021. CIAM Bureau will evaluate the situation and the facts available, beginning of April. A new update on this matter has to be expected before the scheduled Plenary and definitely there is going to be a discussion during the Plenary.

2. As long as this is feasible, there might be Open International events organized instead.

3. The calendar as published on the web still has some missing events. Due to the modifications recently applied to the system in order to handle the number of events carried forward from 2020, we still have to do some more checks. There is no reason to worry about this and of course depending on the decision we will take, a similar policy like the one we implemented for 2021 will also be in place.
We would like to thank all the CIAM community for their understanding during this difficult period and of course their contribution and support to our efforts. Our priority is to keep staying safe.
Kind regards

Antonis Papadopoulos
CIAM President


News from AMA

To our friends in the Aeromodeling Community, after discussions with CIAM representatives, the US has determined that due to global pandemic restrictions, we are unable host our scheduled FAI International competitions this year. Unfortunately the F3A-Aerobatic event has been canceled altogether, however the Pylon F3D/E event will be rescheduled for early July 2022.

Editor’s Comment The USA was not hosting any Free Flight World Champs 2020 or 2021


Molex Pico Blade

This article includes a number of web links that were correct at the moment of writing the article, they may change.

This is information from Magic Timers.  A number of the on board electronic components used by Magic  Timer and other free flight electronics suppliers use Molex Pico Blade 1.25mm connectors.  These are popular with some of the small R/C systems. E.g. Eflite. They include some small single cell  batteries that can be useful to us.   These are keyed locking connectors with a convention as to which are the positive and negative pins.

There is some confusion  about the connectors and where to buy them.  The first thing that they are make by Molex not by JST.  Some low cost sources including Amazon, Aliexpress and Banggood have labelled them as JST.

One supplier and source of information is Micron Wings in Australia. In particular this link is a good reference as it shows and compares the different small connectors that are used in Free Flight and R/C

This links shows what the Molex connector looks like.

Here is an example cable sets for sale on Amazon.  There are similar sets available on other online stores.  Typically these have both male and female connector wires.  Note that they call it JST but it is really Molex.  Compare with the Micron Wings page

Letool30 Pairs JST 1.25mm 2 Pin Micro Male Female Connector Plug 80mm Wires Cables

Notice that the most of the lower cost items are just 2 wires, some cases you may need different connectors and combinations.

The Molex Connectors can be bought at most major electronic suppliers world wide.  You can buy all the parts including the metal connector pats that have to be crimped.  Here are some examples from Digikey, a major USA supplier. Some suppliers including Digikey also offer a selection  pre crimped wires. These are a big advantage when making you own cables because you do not have crimp the wires.  Crimping requires a lot of care.  Digikey call these jumper wires other suppliers may use different words.

Pre-Crimped wires.

The White nylon Connectors that go on the wires, the metal parts are sold separately.  When you choose the nylon part you will see links to the metal parts that are compatible.

EAD  and us

There are changes in how parcels are shipped internationally that will affect those of us that buy from other countries or send model parts there.  We include this because all of us who send or receive modelling materials have already seen delays because of Covid.  This is another thing to look out for.  Typically when Magic Timers send parts internationally we prepare the label and customs declaration online. This is good because it ensures that the electronic form of the declaration (called EAD below) is done and sent to the destination country’s post office. Hopefully this will make things go faster or at least not slower.

From a quick ( 1 minute) on line search these rules are applying in Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand and the USA.  I do not know how it applies to other countries.

Below is a slightly edited (non-applicable stuff removed) for the New Zealand Post web site(because I happen to be there at the moment). This is only for information as different rules may apply in different cases.  It particularly talks about sending parcels to the USA.

The following is copied from the New Zealand Post Web site

Electronic Advance Data (EAD) – what you need to do when sending parcels overseas.
From September 2020, if you’re sending parcels overseas, there are important global Customs clearance requirements that need to be met to ensure your parcel reaches its destination without being delayed or returned.
For border security and clearance purposes, we need to electronically capture the sender, receiver and parcel content information that you provide on the Customs declaration forms for all international services (except International Air Letters*). This information needs to be shared in advance, to the destination postal administration and national government agencies (such as Customs) for fiscal, risk, security and border clearance purposes, in line with national and international legislation.
* Letters generally do not require a Customs declaration form. However, if the letter contains a declarable value (e.g. a calendar) then the appropriate Customs declaration form must be filled in and attached to the letter.

Sending international items in-store or using a manual consignment note.
Once you have completed the Customs declaration forms, our retailers will scan the barcode and take an image of the completed form at the counter. This will be converted into an electronic format (EAD).
Recent changes to global Customs clearance requirements means that if the Customs declaration form is not filled out correctly for EAD purposes, your parcel could be delayed or returned. To ensure your item gets there, first time, you must:
* Write in English and BLOCK capitals
* Make sure that all the information in is in the correct field
* Write the sender and receiver name, address & phone number
* For each individual item within your parcel, add its weight*, quantity and value, and write the total parcel weight
* Individual item weight can be an estimate

Sending parcels to the United States
From January 2021, the United States Postal Service (USPS) will enforce stricter border control regulations and will return any shipments not accompanied by accurate EAD information. So, it’s important that you complete your Customs declaration clearly and accurately, or you risk your parcel being delayed or returned when it enters the United States.

Which international services does EAD apply to?

We are requiring the electronic capture of sender, receiver and parcel content information on the Customs declaration form for all international services*, i.e.:
* International Courier = EMS
* International Express Courier = Super EMS
* International Air Parcel
* International Air Small Parcel
* Excluding International Air Letters that do not require a customs declaration form.

This is a link to the International Postal Union Web site that talks about the same subject from a more general global perspective.