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World Cups Update

An update from the FAI/CIAM, no  World Cups in any modelling class before March 2021

Quoting the announcement

Dear friends,
CIAM Bureau met via zoom last Sunday and discussed about the future of CAT2 events for 2021. Our main priority is the public health and the COVID-19 pandemic is still causing a lot of problems around the world.

Last year we decided to cancel all World Cup events but then in June we offer the opportunity to the organizers to host Open International events if they so wish. Only few of them did so since the restrictions were not lifted and travelling even by car was not allowed between many countries. Most of the organizers decided to postpone the events for 2021 and they contacted World Cup coordinators in order to schedule the new dates. Still there are events postponed with no new dates defined, since the pandemic as it stands right now is causing uncertainty to
all of us.

During our meeting on Sunday, we decided not to include on the calendar any World Cup event scheduled to happen before March 1st. This is standing for all disciplines and all classes with World Cup status.

According to the rules the deadline for registering a World Cup event to the calendar is November 15th. But as we are running under extraordinary circumstances, CIAM Bureau decided to extend the deadline for one month, ie December 15. This includes also the sanction fees payment.

During this prolonged period the organizers will be able to better evaluate the situation and in cooperation with the World Cup coordinators, they will fix the dates for the postponed events or in case there are new events they will use the existing forms and after filling them they will send them to the email

The CIAM Bureau will meet again in December and we will evaluate the situation and decide accordingly.


More of Malcolm’s Photos _ Omarama

Hi Roger
Omarama in the south island of New Zealand was the best free flight event in
the southern hemisphere.  Three hours from Australia and surrounded by some
of the most idyllic tourist destinations in the world made it irresistible.
I was lucky enough to get there twice before it came to an abrupt end.

I went with my camera as well as my flight box and was able to capture some
pretty good shots.  Sadly they include three flyers who are no longer with
us but you’ll see they were having fun with their flying mates.

Recently I was encouraged to put my photos up on Flickr, so here they are –
I hope you enjoy them:

Omarama 2010

Omarama 2012

Malcolm Campbell

Editor’s Note
Unfortunately the very cooperative farmer who let the flyers use his land retired and gave his farm to his son who was not as cooperative.  The locals in town were as unhappy about that was the flyers were and suggested alternate sites close by. Unfortunately the main local (comparatively) organizer was transferred away to another location a long way away so there was no one close by to be able to continue to run the event.  One of the organizer’s Rob Wallace ran a World cup at the time of the NZ Nationals at the beginning of 2020.  This was at the Carterton site, not as big as Omarama and in a different part of the country, one incentive being close to wine production area.  But to in 2021, see above.

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Roger Morrell