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  1. First Annual United States NFFS Outdoor Youth Postal Contest!!! – Reminder
  2. Fab Feb Update

First Annual United States NFFS Outdoor Youth Postal Contest!!!

Reminder – The date for scores to be submitted is SOON 16 Nov.
You do NOT need to be a NFFS member to participate. (Ages up to 18 years old)

Competition Rules:
->Any catapult launch glider design and size.
-> 6 flights with 60 second maxes.
-> In the case of 6 maxes the competitor must continue until they drop a flight
-> All flights must be completed on the same day

For scores to count:
-> Fill out the mentor survey
-> submit a picture with your models & mentor
->Scores must be submitted by November 16th to

->Top 5 juniors win a GTS 12” CLG kit
-> Top 5 juniors win a 1 year NFFS subscription with hard copy digest.
-> 1st place wins the NFFS Youth Perpetual Trophy

Due to numerous requests I will be offering the GTS 12″ CLG for $10 + S&H. Larger quantities will have discounts. The kit can be assembled in minutes and comes with picture step-by-step instructions. Early morning flights are close to ONE MINUTE! An amazing family activity as a few competitors will be assembling their models at their birthday party this month!

All scores and questions should be directed to Sevak Malkhasyan


Fab Feb Update

We have received a few questions so here is an update. The situation has not changed significantly since the last report on SEN namely that;

  • No advance entries will be taken for 2021.
  • The MaxMen contest will be held at a slightly lower key.  This is similar to the 2 big California Fall events , the Sierra Cup and Kotuku Cup. These were held with reasonable attendance from California and other western states but there was no mid-west or eastern states and no international participation.  This contest is on the President’s Day weekend  12 to 15 February but the exact schedule has not been announced.
  • The F1E events will be held.
  • There is no final decision on the format of the North American , Ike and Kiwi Events.
  • There is no decision yet from the CIAM on World Cups for 2021.
  • There appears to be an increase in Covid cases in most places where our participants come from.  It is kind of obvious but there are 2 criteria for people taking part and this applies to both organizers and contestants – You have to be able to get to the events, no constraints on travel and availability of (air) travel and accommodation, that is beyond the individual’s control. Then secondly you need to feel comfortable making the trip and taking part in the event, that is a personal choice.