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Broken or rather twisted link in SEN 2766
USA Junior team support
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Broken or rather twisted link in SEN 2766

A reader reported that the link to the FAI COVID survey did not work when you clicked on but did if you cut and pasted the link, it looks like we messed up a bit when creating that SEN. So for those wanted to get there but did not here is the link again

USA Junior team support

SEN readers will have noticed a few issues back a posting from Jim Parker with items for sale related the Junior team. These items came from the estate of Don Zink. Don was a SCAT member, USA team member and hard core glider flyer for many years. Outside of his modelling activities he , together with his wife Shirley supported a number of activities for young people in their community. On Don’s passing Shirley called on a number of Don’s flying friends to take all of Don’s modelling equipment and use it one way or another for the Junior team. Jim selected some items that he knew would be of direct benefit for the Junior team or aspiring team members and sold the rest with the proceeds going to the Junior team.

In addition to thanking Don and Shirley, there are some lessons to be learnt from this. Firstly the Junior Team Commitee currently represented by Jim Parker and Charlie Jones has some modeling material appropriate to Junior Team member and people trying out for the team, for example I have made things available for the Junior team through them, so if you are a Junior or their helper looking for something they are a good place to go and ask. This has the additional benefit that Jim and Charlie have worked with the Junior teams for many years and know what works best for younger flyers. Secondly if you have some items that you are no longer using because you have something better or don’t fly that class any more pass them on now when they will be of the most use to an aspiring junior. For example while the top F1A sportsman may have moved to a fancy all carbon LDA and no longer use his trusty Stamov model. That Stamov model might just be the right thing for a young sportsman to make the next step to F1A greatness. F1B is a class where not only models are needed but the ground support equipment like a stooge or winder is always welcome, these are a big ticket items for a starting junior. So make lemonade out of the pandemic lemons and clean out the workshop for some aspiring young person’s benefit. Remember the names – Jim Parker and Charlie Jones

COVID-19 protocols for 2020 RMFFC

From:Don DeLoach

We got this notice about the Rocky Mountain FF champs this coming weekend. They have a events to suit every flyer plus the Ruckus HLG Challenge. This humble publication can’t do justice to the flyer on this event but you can find it at this Link

Now over to Don.
Hi Guys,

Please read carefully. RMFFC Covid protocols include a new concept–self-posting of your own flight times. Yes, it’s true: YOU are responsible for posting your flight times on the scoreboard immediately after each flight. And note the audit period each afternoon: again, it is YOUR responsibility to ensure the scores on the scoreboard are correct.

Don and Chuck

P.S. It is not too late to pre-enter. Scan and email the entry black. Or simply email me your name, AMA number and events you plan to fly, and Paypal your fees. Thanks in advance for making it easy on the CDs.

Magnificent Mountain Men COVID-19 Protocols – September 2020

The MMM Club is deeply concerned about COVID safety and ask that all members, guests, and visitors please be on their toes at all times at the Lowry flying site.

The MMM Club fully endorses the COVID-19 guidance from the Centers for Disease Control, Tips for Social Distancing: “When going out in public, it is important to stay at least 6 feet away from other people and wear a mask to slow the spread of COVID-19.”

1. Onsite registrations are discouraged and no change will be made. Contestants must bring checks or exact change.
2. Time cards are your official score and each contestant will be supplied with several short golf pencils. Do not use pen on your time cards.
3. Timing of flights – do not hand your timekeeper your time card. Timekeeper tells contestant the flight time and contestant writes it on the time card along with the timekeeper’s initials. Make certain both the flight time and the initials are legible. This could become an issue later if there’s a scoring dispute.
4. Posting of flights – Each contestant is responsible for posting his/her own flights on the scoreboard immediately. Immediately means before the next flight in that event is made. Posting of multiple flights is unsporting and will not be tolerated–especially in the last hour or so of a flying day when slow posting of flights can affect competitor strategies.
5. The scoreboard will not be manned per se, but CDs will be nearby to answer questions.
6. Scoreboard etiquette – Approach the scoreboard one person at a time. Use the golf pencil in your pocket and do not share pencils. A large hand sanitizer and disposable gloves will be available at the table. If you feel uncomfortable recording your own score, find a CD who will do it for you.
7. If someone is at the scoreboard stay six feet away until he/she leaves.
8. The glider pen will have paper score sheets on clipboards as usual, and hand sanitizer. No time cards will be used. Record scores yourself with your pencil, then hand sanitize if you wish.
9. At the end of each flying day there will be a mandatory time card audit period from 5:00-5:30 (3:00-3:30 on Monday). During this thirty minutes (or before) each contestant will be required to ensure that all scores on their time cards have made it (legibly) onto the scoreboard. If there are any corrections needed, it is incumbent on the contestant (NOT the CDs) to get the scoreboard corrected. At 5:30 scores on the scoreboard become OFFICIAL and FINAL. CDs reserve the right to impound scorecards to further verify that the scoreboard is correct. If you plan to leave the field early you must audit before you leave; regardless, the scores on the scoreboard become FINAL at 5:30 (3:30 on Monday).
10. Contestants agree to keep a mask on their person at all times and wear it when they approach minimum distancing.

And the link again, just in case you missed it

Looking for ….

From:Michael Achterberg

Hello. Looking for 2 AA Simplicity timers. Want version 3 or 4. The ones that had the new servos in them. Think the first versions were Htec and believe Alex switch to Dymond brand. Helping a new jr F1b flyer and setting up couple models that have mechanical timers I wish to switch over for him. Anyone who is interesting in selling them please let me know. Heard some people say they were getting the New fancy versions as upgrades, but need to save money and the older versions will be fine. Thank you. Please contact me for sale of these if interested. Take care and be safe.

Thermals, Michael AKA…. Dino