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  1. F1J For Sale
  2. USA 2021 Clarification
  3. Sympo Update

F1J For Sale

From: Shayne McDonald
Standard 4 piece wing design , Fora motor , 2 x folding propellors , Sidus electronic timer included. For more details and photos
Contact: Shayne McDonald

USA 2021 Clarification

We got some questions from people in Europe if the Announcement that the USA was postponing their October 2020 selection contest meant that the USA would not have a Team for the 2021 World Champs in France .

The USA very much does intend to have a team for the 2021 World Free Flight Champs in France.
The announcement  means that the team selection event will not be in October as planned. The USA Team Selection contest has a format that the team participants have agreed upon and is specially designed to give everyone, all together at one place  a fair chance. So the Team Selection Committee has to decide how to do it, if they can move that format to another date, etc.  They also have to give everyone a sufficient time to plan for the changed date. So they are working on it.


From:  Free Flight Digest

The 2020 NFFS Symposium is currently being bound and will begin to ship in about a week. Patron and pre-orders will ship directly from the printer. Once those orders have been satisfied, we will have the Symposium available for purchase through the NFFS Webstore.

This years Sympo is going to be worth the wait.. 30% larger than the past few years.. 208 pages of all Free Flight goodness!