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  1. F1A wing for sale
  2. Magic Marketing
  3. Bending the curve – SEN 2758

F1A wing for sale

From : Ittai Shichman

Brand new, never used latest generation Gorskiy full molded long flapper
wing set.
– Wing was meant to use in project I didn’t finish..
– Rugged upper surface spray coat turbulator
– Latest generation carbon wing joiner
– 235 grams
– 1200 Euro or 1400 USD

PM me for inquiries

Best regards.

Ittai Shichman


Magic Marketing

From: Lee Hines
To our one & only Magic Man,
In the never ending quest for brevity in our communication, I modestly propose the following  shorter version of “Magic Dongle” might be appreciated by all involved users:
Simply transpose the first two letters of each word to form the word…
wait for it…’MANGLE’.??

Thank me later, I knew you would like it.

Dear Mr Hines

Thank you for your letter applying for a job in the Magic Timers marketing  dept.
I do not think you are suited to this job.  It is perhaps better you keep your day job.
If you wish to continue along a marketing or stand up comedy track I suggest that you study the writings of Anselmo Zeri, CHE, Allard , Fantham, etc

Chief Test Pilot  Magic Timers

Bending the curve – SEN 2758

From:hermann andresen

My experience with curved dihedral echoes my structural prof’s assessment that a small load on a curved beam can result in a larger or smaller curve, while with a straight beam it takes a much higher force to get any measurable deflection at all.

How about F1D?
How about bracing?


Editor’s note
The article in FFn is by Ian Kaynes and is more concerned with the process of building a curved dbox wing.  It relates to Ian’s F1E experience . Seeing Ian is a real engineer in the aeronautical field I would expect it to handle the loads.

And F1E and F1D are very different and very specialized fields while not a practitioner of either I would not expect bracing to apply to E.