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  1. Casino Cup Update
  2. CIAM Update
  3. Robert Guilloteau
  4. TLGs for sale

Casino Cup Update

From: Murphy, Jack

The big three Wendover Casinos have announced their re-opening on June 4-5. I hereby commit to holding the Casino Cup contest as planned on June 20-21. I realize many do not want to venture out due to COVID-19. We will miss you and hope to see you next year. Camping is allowed on our BLM contest site. If anyone wants to fly F1E they may do so on Monday June 22 from 9Mile hill though we will have to appoint/choose a CD from your group or twist my arm, I’ll do it.. Flyers available here-
Room reservations at the big three Wendover Casinos here-

Drop me an email at with any further questions.

Best Regards, -j


 Go to this link to get a FAI/CIAMupdate


Robert Guilloteau
From: Bernard Boutillier

I am very sad to inform you of the passing away two days ago of Robert

Robert was a good F1C flyer, many time member of French team for World

He had to stop his modelling career many years ago after a terrific
accident . The cabin  was not there when he entered a lift. during his job.

He kept for the rest of his life a strong interest for model flying.

We will keep  his memory strong forever.

RIP Robert.


TLGs for sale
From Jim Leuken

Hi Roger,
Would you please put this on SEN…
Brian Agnew has 2 Buddenbohm TLG gliders he would like to sell. They are very well built and have low miles. $225.00 each.

Brian was a RC glider pilot and manufacturer back in the 80’s and 90’s. He decided to give FF a try and enjoyed it a great deal but due to back issues he can no longer fly.

He can be reached at

Thanks, Jim