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I’m in the Q
From:Teppo Sarpila

Hallo Roger!
I agree 100%, what Per and Chris are writing.
Only point if Somebody likes to change F1Q rules is to limit the size of model. We Finns have always run after 34 2dm size.
See You on field.
Teppo Sarpila

Good Wishes to all from the North

From: Leslie Farkas

In these difficult times, we are thinking of you and wishing you and your families to be safe and healthy.
The Toronto Freeflight Group from Canada

Maybe Later

From:Mike Schwartz

Bill Booth, I had mentioned in a previous SEN, that if the Team Finals could not be held in October, because of virus concerns. It could be held in February, 2021 as that time frame would give the next team members, plenty of time to get ready before the WC in France.
Mike Schwartz

Editor’s Comment : Mike, I’m sure the TSC will come up with an alternate approach if the Finals can’t be held in October and Feb contests is a good idea, there was a somewhat tongue in cheek comment on this a while  back in SEN by Jim Parker with a selection of alternatives.  It is too soon to decide that  at  the moment.  An major advantage of the current format is that finals participants can’t get any help – positive or negative from an airplane  not taking part in the event e.g no mid air with a non-finals airplane and no thermal picking off a non-finals airplane and the timing and processing is very controlled.  As the Finals is a “national” event all participants from all over the USA should be able to participate to the event and not be constrained by COVID or similar travel restrictions.

(very) Local News

LA County Model Flying Areas are open for Model Airplanes. Check the    This
   note that our  two biggest FF sites Lost Hills and Perris are in Kern County and Riverside Country respectively.  But it is good to see that we are at least at the same level as golf.

The Air Force Thunderbirds will have a SoCal fly over this afternoon, Friday, May 15 in support of the first responders and people on the frontline other supporting us at this time.. Check the schedule for location and approx. time. Thunderbirds