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  1. MISTAKE Indoor Nats NOT Cancelled
  2. New  Tech – New things to fail
  3. Dr. Dave Sugden
  4. In Case you missed it above -Indoor Nats NOT Cancelled


MISTAKE Indoor Nats NOT Cancelled

From:Roger Willis

Very sorry for previous announcement. The contest that was cancelled was an event scheduled prior to the May Indoor Nats. The AMA INDOOR NATS is STILL SCHEDULED…My bad…..
Roger Willis

New  Tech – New things to fail

From :Leeper
My missed Max was during the 2001 World Champs @ Lost Hills. Flying my trusty Little AL in round 3, I was being careful as at this time of day the lift is often tricky. I towed for several minutes with no luck & low line tension, plus no one was else was finding lift either. Finally a gaggle launched back at the start line, so I went over there and launched also. It was good air but something was wrong, as the pitch up was weak & glide was not right. Did only 120sec while everyone else maxed. Later in the week I did troubleshoot it and found servo gear teeth were damaged which kept stab from rising to correct position.
Lee Hines


Dr. Dave Sugden

From: Leslie Farkas

To our friends around the World, with great sadness, we have to inform you that Canada’s outstanding F1C flyer Dr. Dave Sugden passed away. The loss of our friend is unmeasurable and He will be greatly missed.

The Toronto Freeflight Group

In Case you missed it above -Indoor Nats NOT Cancelled

From:Don DeLoach
The AMA Indoor Nats (May 27-31) have NOT BEEN CANCELLED. Can you please post this correction ASAP?

Don DeLoach
Indoor Nats Manager