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  1. Planning for Outdoor Free Flight Nationals
  2. Ways to miss a round
  3. More thoughts on the International Schedule

Planning for Outdoor Free Flight Nationals

From: Ed Carroll
March 26, 2020

I hope all of you are taking care and staying well.  I want to let everyone who is planning to attend the Outdoor Free Flight Nationals July 27-31, that I will continue planning for having the event on schedule.  Obviously, we do not know what the status of the COVID19 issue will be at that time.  If our country is clear then we should be able to have the Nationals as scheduled.  I will continue to confirm, ask and build the volunteer list needed with the understanding that we may have to cancel/postpone the Nationals.

Ed Carroll
2020 Nationals Free Flight  CD

Ways to miss a round

From: Ken Bauer

It seems that there is no end to the number of ways one can have a bad flight in a Free Flight competition or miss a round. I’ve found I’m always discovering new ways to blow a flight and I’m wondering how many others out there have had the same experience?  Just for fun I thought I’d share a couple of recent experiences.  If others out there can come up with more good stories I might use them as inspiration for a new song I’ve been thinking about writing – the “Seven Round Blues”.  Might feature the top seven ways to miss a max.

A few years ago Mike McKeever and I both maxed out in F1A at the April NorCal champs.  We decided to settle the matter with a 7am flyoff the next morning.  With no others available to help we decided to launch and time ourselves.  Since I practice self launching all the time I volunteered to launch Mike first then launch my own model.  Unfortunately the tall grass complicated things.  After launching Mike my first self launch failed getting caught in the high weeds.  On my second attempt I successfully pulled my glider out of the launcher and into the air but while furiously running and pulling in line I inadvertently knocked the glasses off my face.  I’m near-sighted so without my glasses all I can see is a blob at the end of my towline and a few attempts at finding my glasses in the weeds while towing prove to be fruitless.  Since I’m on my second attempt I have no choice but to launch the model.  I manage to circle tow the blob without much sense of which direction it is pointing or what it is doing but when I accelerate the model my timing and position is off resulting in poor height and a lousy transition giving the victory to Mike.  So after over 40 years of flying glider I found a new way to lose.

Another fun one happened at a Scat Annual a couple years ago.  It was a wet rainy weekend but we got the rounds in between showers.  On one round conditions seemed ok but just as the glider came out of the hands of my launcher a gust of wind hit the model.  When I planted my foot to reverse direction and run towards the model my foot completely slipped on the wet grass and I fell flat on my face.  I looked up just in time to see that the model had unlatched and was diving straight towards earth.  A quick push of the RDT button interrupted the near crash about 15 feet high and saved the model but the rest of the contest did not go well.  Another new way for things to go wrong.  Never had that happen before in all my years of flying.

So there’s a couple examples.  I’m sure there are many more good stories out there and maybe sharing them during these challenging days of social isolation will lighten our moods.-Ken


More thoughts on the International Schedule

From: John Carter via FB

Hi just been informed by our UK body the BMFA that in the absence of any direction from the FAI ,the BMFA has pulled all UK teams from all model flying champions in 2020

So in the unlikely event that the 2020 Free Flights World and Euro champs are still on the Britsh team will not be represented. Being a team member the action taken by our national body is the right action to take As this safeguards our sportsmen .

I am very disappointed but fully respect and endorse our national bodies decision . To this fact I believe other European nations should follow suit and have our sport in line with other international events for many other sporting activities the championships must be cancelled or rescheduled for some time in 2021 moving 2021 world champs in F1 classes to 2022