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SCAT Annual Comments and More
We received a number of emails about the SCAT Annual, with input both personal and quoting various civil and medical authorities. These emails were passed on the event organizer who appreciated the input and took notice. They won’t be published in SEN.  Some gave various opinions about COVID-19, what people should be doing etc .  The situation with COVID-19 is very confusing as it is with plenty of information from both civil and medical authorities.  We do not want to be spreading information that may or may not be correct.  In general if you have input or a question about a particular event you should contact the organizer directly.  The event flyers/notices have contact information for the organizers, for example see below.

Speaking of seeing below, there is information about an upcoming event in June.  With many of our events some actions have to be done well in advance.  In the Casino Cup you can see that the organizer had to get permission from the BLM (Bureau of Land Management, the govt dept that looks after Federal land) well in advance which he did.  Because the event is 3 months away and we don’t know if the COVID situation will be better or worse, we published  the announcement.  Closer to the date the organizer may publish updates or if you are concerned you can contact him directly.  Finally apologies to Jack for reformatting his flyer but in SEN we don’t publish in a multi-column format.


Updated 2020 Casino Cup Flyers
From: Murphy, Jack

The Casino Cup is on. I paid for the BLM permit today, hopefully the final step in that process. Flyers attached. Stay well and be safe, we will get through this. Nevada casinos have been on hiatus since March 19th due to COVID-19. Reservations for room accomodations at the three primary casino hotels may be made at

There are two more casino hotels and and five motels also in Wendover UT/West Wendover NV. Dinner reservations are strongly suggested as the casinos will put you off for awhile to try to get you to do some gaming while waiting for a table if you do not have a dinner reservation. You may camp on the field. Wendover also has a grocery and liquor store, fast food outlets, truck stop etc…..  everything is about 10 minutes from the field.

Kind Regards, -j

Jack Murphy  801-550-9128


Second Annual
West Wendover NV JUNE 20-22, 2020

• FAI a-b-c-q
• AMA Power, Rubber, Tow Glider -fly either day, must finish same day
• NFFS -fly either day, finish same day
• Glider Pen hlg, clg

• FAI g-h-j-p-s
• AMA Power, Rubber, Tow Glider –fly either day, must finish same day
• NFFS –fly either day, finish same day
F1s/E36 combined, P-30
see separate flyer

MMM Club Scramble format for singleton class entries (maxes handicapped to 3 minutes). Two Entrants+ in a class constitute a separate event. Run what ‘ya brung!!

Field is approximately 9  miles south of the Wendover Strip west from Highway 93A. Head west on dirt road just south of 9 Mile Hill.

Area adjacent to the flight line for camping, trailers and motorhomes.

Abundant casino hotels and motels available in nearby West Wendover NV/Wendover UT

$25 Entry includes 1 event. $40 unlimited events $10 additional entry for the Big Daddy. Cash only
Brought to you by the MMM Club AMA #177 Current AMA membership required.

Contest Directors-
Jack Murphy
Allan Mecham

Second Annual
West Wendover, NV June 20-22, 2020 FAI-AMA-NFFS

the Big Daddy Challenge in memory of the Great John Oldenkamp

Father’s Day 2020
F1S/E36    Combined

$10 to Enter +must also be entered
in the Casino Cup Contest
Winners take the pots!!
(One Electric/One Rubber)
Americas Cup
National Cup
Fly from the Pen
5 Rounds F1S + AMA rules for E36 and P30

Contest Directors
Jack Murphy Allan Mecham