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  1. Further message from the CIAM
  2. Team USA Photos from World Champs
  3. Kartel/SPZG Pieter de Boer/Antoon van Eldik Memorial World Cups

Further message from the CIAM
Forwarded by Ian Kaynes

The following announcement is from CIAM President Antonis Papadopoulos to the organisers of all CIAM World Cup events

Considering the COVID-19 situation, CIAM Bureau decided to suspend all events which were included on the calendar and scheduled to happen until April 20, 2020.

With the lack of experience we all have with COVID-19, it is more likely that this period will be extended. Therefore what we are suggesting is to inform all organizers, that for the time being, it is not possible to reschedule the events which are, or will be affected by this suspension. We don’t know either when this emergency period will be over.

As we wrote on our Urgent Announcement which was sent to all NACs and delegates, this will be possible only when the situation will allow for that.

Therefore until further notice no rescheduling will be planed or confirmed. As soon as we are confident about the public health and the safety of the CIAM community, all the organizers will be contacted by you, in order to let them know what they have to do or to expect. The calendar will be reviewed and rescheduled for all at the same time.

Now it is time to follow the instruction from the National Health Authorities and avoid spreading the virus.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any kind of assistance you would like to have.


Ian Kaynes


Team USA Photos from World Champs
From:Julie Parker

Hi Roger,
I know, its been months since the World Champs, but being retired means
being busy all the time so I haven’t had any time sort through my
photos until now.  Corona Virus has forced me to find things to do at home
and getting my photos together is one of my projects.

This album is a small chronology of the US Team during the WC activities.
These photos are only of the US Team.  I’ll be working on another album with
photos of other flyers and groupies, so stay tuned.


Julie Parker


Kartel/SPZG Pieter de Boer/Antoon van Eldik Memorial World Cups
From: Allard

New dates for Kartel/SPZG Pieter de Boer/Antoon van Eldik Memorial World Cups:
10 and 11 October!

In the registration table two new columns have been added. “Email” and “October”. Please enter your email so we can contact you should anything change. Enter YES or NO in the October column if you wish to re-register. Thanks.
Re-registration can be entered here:  ( on my system the anti virus software did not like this link)

Or here:

My email address can be found in the first entry should you have any further questions.

Regards, Allard

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