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  1. USA Team Selection Program
  2. ANNOUNCMENT from the CIAM
  3. Workshop Envy

USA Team Selection Program

Recently we got questions from  2 people asking  about the USA Team Selection program.  These were people that had not been part of the program before but were motivated by attending the 2019 World Champs at Lost Hills. All the people already involve in the program had got a copy of the program by email and “know” that are a number of ways of qualifying to participate in the Team Selection “Finals”.  They also  “know” that these are at Lost Hills in October.  The program is usually on both the AMA and NFFS websites, I could not find it on the AMA but here is on the NFFS site

2020 FF Team Selection Program

Also there is a Team Selection Committee member for each AMA district and you can find them here on the AMA web site, so that would be a “local” person to contact if you had questions.

Team Selection Committee Members

The person at the AMA who looks after the Team Selection programs is Colleen Pierce in the AMA Competitions dept.

The next World Champs will be in 2021 in France, that is a good  site, in a very nice part of the country run by a very experienced team.  So if you are not signed up and want to take part, get going as time is getting close.  Even if you think you are maybe “not ready”, taking part is a learning process to get you ready for next time, it is a great contest and by taking part you support the program in general.



The CIAM ( the modelling part of the FAI) has a email news service that you can sign up for and many of you probably do that. But here is an announcement from them that was sent out today.

Considering the current situation with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and in order to protect the health and safety of the entire CIAM community, we regret to announce that all CIAM sanctioned events are suspended as of tomorrow, for 30 days i.e. from Monday, 16 March 2020 until Monday, 20 April 2020.
CIAM Bureau will continue to monitor the situation on a daily basis and will evaluate the options for the continuation or not of the scheduled events after the suspension period.  We will issue a new announcement in due time.

We did the same for our Plenary Meeting. Public health and safety are our top priorities for the moment.

We know and we understand that some of the events which are going to be suspended may be postponed for a future date but some will be cancelled. For the events which will be cancelled due to this outbreak, CIAM Bureau decided to allow the organizers to use the sanction fees paid for this year, for events for the next year.

World Cup coordinators will be in touch with you when the situation allows for it.

This announcement refers more for the 2nd Category Events (World Cups or Open International). For World or Continental Championships, CIAM Bureau is in direct contact with the organizers and FAI Secretariat. The organizers will keep you posted accordingly.

Be responsible and follow the instruction from your local Health Authorities.

STAY HOME and why not, build your models.

On behalf of CIAM Bureau
Antonis Papadopoulos
CIAM President


Workshop Envy

In line with the “stay home and build” message from the CIAM president a number people have already got started in the workshop and posted pictures on FB.  There are workshops big and small, tidy and like mine, untidy but one stood out to me.  In the FB F1B group there is a Turkish F1B flyer who lives in Germany near Munich, he posted nice 3D CAD views of his new F1B project.  This included a 1800mm wing that he was going to mold.  It turns out that is close to Technical University that has a “Maker Space”  with  CNC Mill big enough to machine the wing mold, that he can use. Main downside is the space has to be shared with some of the giants of German industry like BMW.  But still it lets him compete with the factories.