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  2. Southern Cross Cup – Australian World Cup Reminder

Looking for F1J stuff

from Michael Achterberg

Hello all.  F1j is making a rebirth finally. A bunch of people have asked me about parts, which I dont have or no where to get them. 20+ years ago I sold around 200 of these models all over the world. There have to be some in a box in the attic somewhere.    I sold at least 150 of the 6 panel design and this is the model people are looking for. If you have or no where some are please post on Sen. The flyers will contact you. Better to have them flying than sitting in a box in the garage or attic. The flyers are looking for wings, stabs and fuselages. Please post.
Michael Achterberg

Southern Cross Cup – Australian World Cup Reminder

Hi All,
Just a reminder to all you gents and ladies out there, to get your entry in for the Southern Cross Cup, 11th 12th &13 April. Please send me your entry form and payment by 26th of March
If you don’t have the entry form or other questions, check with Roy at the above email

The Southern Cross Cup for F1A, B & C is an Australian trials event, as well as a world cup event.

Roy Summersby

Roy Summersby
132 The Esplanade
Umina 2257