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  1. Feb Thanks
  2. Fab Feb Thanks
  3. Top Dudes
  4. World Q
  5. Ted Burfein

Feb Thanks
From: Mike Roberts

A Big Thank You to Merry Smith and Brian Furutani for their wonderful photos and memories of this past Fab Feb.  In particular, I would like to thank Merry for the fabulous picture of the Kiwi Cup J Boys.  We sure had a great time and look forward to next year.
When can we enter?
Thanks Again


Fab Feb Thanks
From:Roy Summersby

To  ALL  the workers of the Fab Feb competitions.

I am sure there are far too many to name, but thank you all for well run
competitions and your tireless work each year. This year, 2020 was certainly
a fabulous Fab Feb.

How you arranged a dust free field, a light cover of grass and minimum
winds, I have no idea but well done and a big thank you to all.

Roy Summersby.



Top Dudes
This year’s Top Dude Awards for the top person in each class over the 3 (and sometimes 2) events based on World Cup scoring.  Awards for first place only, sorry but there is only one Top Dude.   In power we had just one TopTop Dude with Roy Summersby winning both C and J.
The award is a custom Chaos T-Shirt, so if you are a winner send SEN by replying to this email with your shirt size.  A previous winner and this year too, school teacher Per Findahl reports that when he wore the shirt to school the “Top Dude” gave him street cred (that means high status) with his students.


1 Yuri Grushkovskiy UKR
2 Jama Danier CAN
3 Per Findahl SWE


1 Stepan Stefanchuk UKR
2 Michael Seifert GER
3 Alexander Andriukov USA


1 Roy Summersby AUS
2 Oleksandra Shapiro UKR
3 Don Chesson USA


1 Benjamin Tarcher USA
2 Omri Sirkis ISR
3 Shmulik Sitton ISR


1 Jack Greening USA
2 Mike RichardsonUSA
2 Shigeru Kanegawa JPN

1 Per Findahl SWE
2 Yuval Bichet ISR
3 Brian Van Nest – Jim Parker Tie USA

1 Tiffaney O’Dell USA
2. Mike Richardson USA
3 Vladi Horak CAN

1 Roy Summersby AUS
2 Faust Parker USA
3 Terry Kerger USA

1 Jack Murphy USA
2. Mke Achterberg USA
3. Don DeLoach    USA


World Q

From: Ross Jahnke

I want to thank Andreas Lindner for proposing a timeline to establish F1Q
as a World Championship class. I would really like to see this happen. But
we/you/they need to hit those numerical targets at contests. This will
require the good will of modelers who are on the fence about this event,
and would need to participate in order to increase participation. To
achieve Andreas’ goal there needs to be a moratorium on rule change
proposals and rule changes. I suggest the moratorium last until after the
first F1Q WC is held, hopefully in 2023.

Editor’s Observations.
I do not think Q rules changes are a real issue any more as they seem to have stabilized.

This year Q participations was down a bit this year at the Fab Feb but there might have been more if the “Push to Qualify” idea from Andreas been published.  There are certainly some more USA Q guys who might have taken part and you never know I might have been persuaded upping the number of countries.  I was tempted by Omri selling a Q. I did hear that my friends at the Vivchar have something in the works.  I hear that having stirred up S, Mikey the Dino is looking at Q too.

For the first time in the Fab Feb contests and probably in the USA,  there was a unannounced spot check of the power allocation all the F1Q models in the MaxMen – all models passed, kudos to Bill Bootn the CD for doing the check. Bill did learn a bit more about Q models, maybe he will make one :-0.

Also at the Fab Feb in at least 2 of the Q events the organizer took advantage of the ability to reduce the Flyoff power allocation from 3 joules to 2 joules in the “last fly off”. This was useful because of a slight increase in wind and failing light there was a risk that the models would have gone into the orchard and a longer retrival in darkness would have been a safety issue.  This gave rise to a proper “sporting result” under the conditions.


Ted Burfein
From: Australian Free Flight Society

February 21 at 12:29 AM ·
Today the Australian Free Flight Family lost a great flier and all round nice guy. Rest easy Ted Burfein, may the lines be tight and the thermals strong!