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SEN 2690

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Kiwi Flash
Omri Sirikis of Israel wins F1Q in 7 min FO
Nice weather, challenging air some rounds.  F1A guys had to work hard towing in almost dead calm conditions.
F1ABC fly off starting7 AM
Great turn out for the Ike AMA events, probably close to 200 flyers over  Ike and Kiwi

Kiwi Cup Operational Info
We will tell you at 6:30 AM which flight line for the 7 AM F1ABC flyoff in that order.  Timekeepers needed.

Mini events will start at 8 AM or as soon as possible after the World Cup FO finish.  Mini events will finish at 3pm. First flight is a tie breaker to be used if results not final at that point.
F1E is on Monday

Links to on line results again

these are live links so clicking should take you to the results