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  1. More Kits at Ike/Kiwi

More Kits etc at the Ike/Kiwi
From: Don Deloach

As always I am very much looking forward to reuniting with friends at Fab Feb. I’ll be there all day on Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the Ike.

I will be bring a limited supply of short kits. I did want to take
orders in advance as I only have limited space in my luggage. Please
bring a check or exact change for ease of transaction on the field.

Short kits  (plans pdf will be emailed)
Super Pearl 202E – The original E-36/F1S. Nats winner and builds light,
a great starter model that is still competitive.$25
Super Pearl 202EF – EF for “Extra Fast” The 2017 upgrade for the fastest
E-36/F1S setups. Full eggcrate wing and semisymetrical stab airfoil.
Winner of the 2017 America’s Cup. $30
Super Pearl 222E – A direct enlargement of the 202E, George Morris’ 222
recently did 40 maxes to set the AMA Electric B National record! Also a
legal F1S/E-26. $30
Super Pearl 282 – for hot 1/2A glow for 3-cell electric. Balsa D-box
wing. $40
Super Pearl 402E – for hot 3-cell electric setup. Awesome climb and
glide. Full eggcrate wing. $50
Super Pearl 542 – for AMA A/B Gas or 3-4 cells electric. D-box wing. $60
Eureka 200 – for electric Nos, 200 sq. in., also legal for E-36/F1S.

Polecat X – many times Nats winning P-30 $15
Paulcat – Andrade rubber $25
Becker ’54 – Small Nos Rubber, great flyer, $25
Haimalainen Nos Wake – $35

Don DeLoach