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FAI news
From: Ian Kaynes
The January 7th  announcement below from the FAI concerns suspended members. Unless they pay their fees these countries will not be able to organise FAI Internationals and their Sporting Licences will not be valid.



The following NACs are suspended for non-payment of FAI membership fee 2019

ARGENTINA – Confederacion Argentina De Entidades Aerodeportivas
BAHRAIN –  Bahrain Air Sports Federation
MEXICO – Federacion Mexicana De Aeronautica, A.C.
BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA – Vazduhoplovni Savez Bosne I Hercegovine
IRAQ – Iraqi Aero Federation
MOROCCO – Royal Morocco federation of Light & Sporting Aviation
PALESTINE – Palestine Air Sports Federation
QATAR – Qatar Air Sports Committee

Please also note that the following NAC is expelled for non-payment of FAI membership fee 2018 and 2019:
ARMENIA – Armenian Federation of Aeromodelling

Woe, not this year for me

From: Malcolm Campbell

I’ve attended every Fab Feb from 2011 onwards but won’t be there in February.  Too much is happening in AUS for me this year.  Seeing the lead up on SEN, I feel miserable so, when the results start getting posted, I’ll truly wish I was there  It’s such a grand week of friendship and great competition.  Fab Feb is addictive.  I hope my models and camera will be ready again in 2021.  Until then Brian Furutani, you have the floor.  Go out and produce some stunning photos!  Everyone else, have fun at the best international event on the calendar , anyone’s calendar.

Malcolm Campbell



P-30 minimum weight

From:Tapio Linkosalo

More on ….
A few years ago Stu Darmon ran an experimental event intended as a small
field trial. The rule
was a legal P30 plus a 10g wheel balance weight. It certainly took the
edge off the model
performance and might have increased their DT rate. It proved highly
unpopular with competitors, > a typical comment being ” these are no good,
you need lift to max”. Maybe that was just the

For what it is worth – we have had a local rule for P-30 in Finland for a
couple of decades now, with the minimum airframe weight increased to 50
grams (the same as adding 10 grams of ballast). The rationale behind the
rule is to make a minimum that is easy for beginners to reach, but also
make the model descent on DT faster, and making a stronger airframe that
can handle more extreme means of DT. The rule works just fine, it does not
limit the performance much – still air time of models is still in the 2:30
to 2:50 range.