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  2. Looking for beacons
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2020 WCUP#1

Flash – Carterton

Rob Wallace
Antony Koerbin
Richard Dalziel

David Ackery
Paul Squires
Roger Morrell

Great Weather …

Looking for beacons

From: Leonardo Peretti

Dear Roger :
I want add my mail to SCAT list for receiver mails of SEN and want ask if it possible publish this text.

I need Used Beacons of the Pim Ruyter type that can be delivered next February in the Lost Hills contests.
Please who has and wants to sell them please write to

Editor’s comment;  To sign up got SEN go to ;

Rubber at Fab Feb

FAI Model Supply will once again be providing rubber and supplies to all those who pre-order for delivery at the FAB February Contests in Lost Hills, CA.  We have already received a number of orders at this time.

If you are interested in ordering items, we ask that you please send us an email to

We will confirm back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost from the group shipment to be collected at Lost Hills or prepaid arrangements available prior to the contest via PayPal.  Our plans are to distribute at the contest registration on Friday February 7.

We will need to receive your order by January 27, 2019 to guarantee delivery in Lost Hills.  Any order/request received after that date can not be guaranteed to be delivered at the contest.
Thank you,

FAI Model Supply – Charlie and Geralyn Jones

Nelson Glow Plugs at Fab Feb

Again, I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale at the Fab Feb week of events.  The cost is $5 each.  Please send me an e-mail request if you if you need a large amount so they can be preordered before the Fab Feb week begins.  Also, I will have fuel tubing and bladder material.

Walt Ghio

Wow ! picking air !

From : Steve Jones
Gavin Manion’s point is right on the money . . . Imagine having to pick good air?! What a concept!

As a reminder this is what Gavin Manion said ……
A few years ago Stu Darmon ran an experimental event intended as a small field trial. The rule was a legal P30 plus a 10g wheel balance weight. It certainly took the edge off the model performance and might have increased their DT rate. It proved highly unpopular with competitors, a typical comment being ” these are no good, you need lift to max”. Maybe that was just the point…

Fab Feb 2020

Info at

Enter FAI Events at :