National Free Flight Society

SEN 2668

  1. Circumstances
  2. Apology
  3. FAI 2020 model of the year.

From:William Shailor

With respect to the notion that simply adding weight to the existing air frames for F1A, B and C models is a simple solution, I suggest the opposite would occur. Given increased weight, there’s no question but that added features or functions would be likely, thus increasing the cost and complexity and obsoleting many models currently in the flyers boxes.
How about we let the current rules run for a few more cycles since there do not seem to be any exigent circumstances compelling a change.

In a recent SEN we made a comment about Jama’s F1A launches.  We intended it to be light hearted complement on Jama’s ability to avoid obstacles when flying and slightly disparaging to some of the rules changes that appear from others  from time to time.   It has been pointed out  to us that this was obscure  could be taken in other ways such as being uncomplimentary about the flying fields in Canada or Jama’s ability.

That was not the intent and we broke our own rule about being straight forward and not making comments that can be easily understood by all.  So we sincerely apologize to Jama, the Canadian FAI sportsmen and anyone who may have offended by the comments.

FAI 2020 Model of Year
From: Walt Ghio
I am on the National Free Flight Society Model of the Year Committee.  The committee is looking for free flight model nominations for the 2020 Symposium.  The model can be for any of the FAI classes that have stood out for the last few years of competition.  This includes Indoor F1D, Slope Soaring gliders F1E, Electric F1Q, S models along with the F1A, B, C, G, H, J, P models.  If by chance you want to send in a nomination please include a write up about the model and designer along with a three-view plan of the model.

Please send the information to my above e-mail address or to the committee chairman Dohrman Crawford.  Dohrman’s e-mail address is: