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  1. “It is the most difficult job I have ever done”
  2. Clarifying – Yes use the tech
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“It is the most difficult job I have ever done”
This is part of a conversation on FB – names abbreviated

what I think is that the F/O timekeepers have to use all of them, the same model of binoculars and also have an approved eyesight , for big world champs

B   yeah … but easier to say than to do unfortunately ?? … we had time keepers in France 2013 who were well meaning but elderly … they could not see so well so we basically told them when the models was down…make of that what you will.

M  -I do agree, B . But it would be nice to keep the idea alive and not just survive 🙂

R  Different binoculars work better for different people, it is not just a question of eyesight, it is also a question of diligence and applying the good eyesight. … and we would probably have to have every World Champs in Mongolia where every timekeeper was under 25years. One issue is that we don’t want to change the rules, complain with the organizers want to change them but now have rules such that it is very difficult to run an event in accordance with such rules

The quote that is the title of this piece came from Brian Van Nest who was the Chief Timekeeper at the World Champs just finished at Lost Hills.  Brian and the timekeepers did a great job with no serious complaints and the teams helped by providing an extra (3rd ) timekeeper in some flyoff rounds.


Clarifying – Yes use the tech
From: Lior Bachar

Exactly Roger, we can use onboard timing devices that are commonly used to track flight time, we just need to change current rule for a wider range of devices and not only two or so which currently meet the rules.
Also no reason why not using them during rounds.


Editor or rather Mr Magic’s Comment :  We have the people with the skills to design and build a “proper” reliable and secure  electronic flight timer, what is more challenging is how to get organized to do quickly and in line with what all parties need – Flyers, organizers, FAI/CIAM, National Aero Clubs, potential fliers and supporters.


Just try another site
From: themaxout

Being in Colorado I’m not too concerned about field size FAI 7 min flights and such…
Not considering tradition for the California contests, instead of trying to change performance, has anyone considered a change of venue from Lost Hills?
There is a beautiful site at Wendover Nevada, about 10 hrs from LA and 2 hrs west of Salt Lake City. and maybe some other places(?).

The WC’s are what they are and wherever.

Rick Pangell – NFFS Central VP

Editor’s Comment – again, and I said I was not going to do this, make comments that is, but was looking for a change from polishing my Android or fixing fried timers from … wherever

The issue is not so much to do with flying at Lost Hills, the Mongolian site, Narrandera in Australia, Salisbury Plain or even the Lowry Range in Colorado. It is to do with flying at Muncie,  Wayawanda,  Palm Bay, Boulder City, Sesimovo Usti, over the Edge of Beyond at New Bigging, Rinkaby, etc .  There are sites like those on the first list where under most circumstances the size of the field is not a problem but the time keepers seeing the model and getting it back for the next flight or to go home with can be a problem so that needs to be dealt with.  What is popular with FAI Free Flight is taking part in events, World Cup events, at different sites.  The “big events” like the World and Continental Championships are only one a year at the most and for many one every two years, we can be a bit selective on those sites. But it is to be able to organize a fair contest, with a sporting result, without the cost and structure of a “big event” at a ‘regular’ Free Flight field in many states and countries, around the world so you can get to some and fly with the big boys without needing to get one of those scarce places on your National Team.


 motorcycle for sale

Roger please post on sen:
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Carrol Allen