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Lost Hills – Valley Fever Follow up

I have been notified of at least one individual who has been diagnosed with Valley Fever from their time at the World Championships and Lost Hills.

I recommend that anyone in your group who has returned home and has flu like symptoms to seek medical attention and inform the doctors of the activity at Lost Hills, California and the possibility of Valley Fever.  Below is the documentation that was sent out prior to the World Championships to support this discussion with the doctors.  It is important that you share this information with the doctors office as this can be easily misdiagnosed.
Valley Fever (Acute Coccidioidomycosis) is a medical condition that can occur in the South Western part of the USA.  Most times it appears like a cold or flu.  It is not a cold or flu but a fungal infections caused by bacteria in the soil.  For most people this is not a serious condition.  Mild cases of valley fever usually resolve on their own.  In more severe cases, doctors can prescribe antifungal medications that can treat the underlying infection.  If you feel these symptoms (fever, cough, chest pains, night sweats, fatigue) after visiting Lost Hills and need to see a doctor you MUST tell the doctor that you have visited this part of the USA and it might be Valley Fever.  The reason is that Valley Fever is not known in other parts of the World (or even the USA) and the medicine such as an anti-biotic that would normally be prescribed for such a condition like this is NOT appropriate for Valley Fever and may even make it worse.
Here are some references to Valley Fever

Charlie Jones
Contest Director
2019 World Championships for F1ABC

Photo Thanks
From: Juan Livotto

Very nice pictures Merry, thanks
Juan Livotto

Fab Feb Info
The Fab Feb sign up forms will be online shortly.  There is one schedule change that possibly could affect a few travel arrangements. The North American Cup will start one day earlier on Tuesday 11 Feb with reserve days on the 12 and 13. This is in response to some complaints from last year when the weather on the Tuesday was better than the Wednesday.  This will also mean changes to some of the social events and more details will be forthcoming.

For America’s Cup winners and supporters the America’s Cup Banquet will on the evening of Saturday 15 Feb.