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  1. December Arizona Champs and 2020 SWR
  2. The Last , then the First ?
  3. Lost Hills Bike Repairs
  4. F1A models for sale

December Arizona Champs and 2020 SWR
From:Peter Brocks

On December 7 and 8 the Arizona Free Flight Championships will be held in Eloy, Arizona. This is the last America’s Cup and National Cup contest West of the Mississippi for the year 2019. There are FAI, AMA, NFFS and SAM events. On the desert flying field in Eloy it will be cool in the mornings but should warm up to about 70° during the day. The fliers (FAI and AMA) can be downloaded from the NFFS Contest Calendar website

For information on the 3-day 2020 Southwest Regional Model Airplane Championships on January 18-20 go to the SWR website   – please use the Entry Forms there to pre-enter before Jan. 1, 2020.

Please fly with us in Eloy!

Peter Brocks

The Last, then the First ?
Looking at the 2019 FAI and yet to be published 2020 calendar, I see that if you take part the last 2 World Cups of the year, namely the 2019 Negev Open and 2019 Hanukkah Open at Orin in Israel on the 27 and 28 of December.  You can then take a flight on 29 December, allowing time AM flyoff etc. to Wellington , New Zealand to go the Tui World Cup on 2 January at Carterton. To be flown in conjunction with the NZ Nationals. A quick look at Expedia shows the fastest end to end time is 27 hours and 5 minutes and a mere $2500 or there abouts for the round trip.  Other itineraries have the travel time going up to 35  hours and the cost passing $3K, but then you don’t have to fly straight back.  Does not include extra baggage fee for the model box.  While the Israel events in the desert may remind you of Lost Hills, I can assure that the grass will be green at Carterton.  Sounds crazy but then some Israeli sportsmen, …. Captain Zak ?! and he could even do a stint in the cockpit.  The entry is only $20 NZ and a 5 round event to take into account your travel fatigue. I’m sure Orim, Israel has some tourist sights of note and Carterton is just next to the Martinborough wine producing area.

So if you want to be one of the “First” contact Rob Wallace at

Lost Hills Bike Repairs
From: Brian Van Nest

Motorcycle guy aka Ryan Copeland will be picking up and or
Working on bikes November 14 or 15.

If you are interested in maintenance and or repair of your motorcycle
Please let me know before this date.
I will need to know what shed you are in .
Then you should contact Ryan through Facebook at
Arliss TrailersportsCa.

This can only be done on these dates

Brian Van Nest

F1A models for sale
From: Ittai Shichman

*Long Full carbon fiber wing LDA model:*
Long textreme carbon wing made by Anton Gorsky
M&K new style front end fuselage with 3 servos and impulse towhook
built in RDT and altimeter
LED Flasher
Titov LDA stab

Perfectly trimmed and ready to fly and excellent condition
Price: 1500 Euro or 1650 USD

Parts can be sold separately

*Short LDA ready fly and perfectly trimmed model:*

Short LDA Gorsky wing
M&K fuselage with impulse towhook and MTK timer 8xx
LED flasher
Perfectly trimmed  – excellent “all-rounder”

Price: 1300 Euro or 1400 USD

*Long M&K regular airfoil made by Yury Titov*
Extra stiff carbon spars
excellent “all rounder” model
Perfectly trimmed with amazing thermal behavior
Fuselage with 3 servos, regular towhook
6XX MTK timer with infra-red communication
built in altimeter

in excellent condition – suitable for F1A beginners or advanced modelers!

Price: 550 Euro or 600 USD

Photos can be sent in private message
Can be reached via e-mail or Facebook
Ittai Shichman (Israel)