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  1. The Blob
  2. World Championships from two perspectives
  3. Champs Bits and Pieces

The Blob
In cleaning the various electronic devices – and my backpack after serious dust immersion at Lost Hills I found a product called ColorCoral on Amazon (you can buy it other places and there are other similar products). It looks like a blob of green slime. You roll it over the dust covered surface and it takes all the dust off. I did not/would not use it on optical surfaces but it did my key boards and even by backpack. It looks like it should be tacky and leave a residue but does not seem to.
Don’t eat !

I could not find ball big enough to do my RV, … but most other small stuff.  It does accumulate dirt and I do not think it can be washed but it can handle a lot of Lost Hills before you need to throw it out – I’m not there yet.

World Championships from two perspectives.
 From: Chuck Etherington

As a member of the Jury:
Very well organized and run competition. As Head Jurist Ian Kaynes mentioned in his remarks at the closing ceremony, there were no protests filed and very few issues that needed to be handled by the jury. That is a good indicator of how well run the event was and how competent the timekeepers were. Contest Director Charlie Jones requested jury input as appropriate for various flight line/weather related decisions. Thanks to Cenny Breeman for stepping into the jury box for Shigeru Kanegawa and for Roger Morrell stepping in for Cenny on F1A day.

As a fan of FAI competition:
The World Champs were fabulous! Historically, it was the largest WCh ever held in the western hemisphere! The planning, preparation and execution were outstanding. The weather was great and none of the flyoffs were decided by timekeeper capability. I would like to personally thank the contest management: Charlie Jones – Contest Director, Ed Carroll – Head of Processing, Brian Van Nest – Head Timekeeper, Mike McKeever and Bill Booth – Head of Field Operations, Colleen Pierce – Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA), John Lorbiecki – National Free Flight Society (NFFS), and all of the support staff and timekeepers. WELL DONE!

Chuck Etherington

Champs Bits and Pieces
From: Roger Morrell

This is a few stories that did not get told elsewhere.

Firstly a story of teamwork and beer.  In the 8 min F1B FO, German  sportsman Andreas Gey’s model did not get all that high and at 3 minutes into the flight was at 30 metes altitude. Team manager ordered everyone out to flap the model, the model remained at between 25 and 35 meters  for the remaining 5 minutes and Andreas made his max. This was recorded on his altimeter.  Not sure if it was the flapping by the team or the carefully chosen air by Andreas, but the team did not care as Andreas bought them all a beer (or 2)  at Denny’s. His bar tab was $152! And Denny’s was out of several brands of beer after that.

During the opening NFFS President John Lorbiecki stood in for the AMA Executive director who was unexpectedly had to remain Muncie and represented the NFFS.  John recounted a story from his son John Jnr at the Junior World Champs. John Jnr made some late test flights in sub optimal conditions, people questioned his reasoning and he replied that this the  World champs and you must go all out to win.  He did with that airplane!  I wonder if Taron heard that story and took note? Just before the start of the final F1C flyoff Taron put up some test flights, to the concern some people who thought he should maybe fly a different airplane.  But that airplane was the best and this was the World Champs and he was going all out – and he won with that airplane.  Incidentally John Jnr has continued his career in aviation and is a F16 Pilot for the US Air Force.

Speaking of the NFFS it was good to see both Eastern and Western District VPs Gene Ulm and Glenn Schneider out timing with John Lorbiecki.  Gene was also working with his daughter Adelaide who was back in Virginia (school and all that stuff) but busy putting Champs stuff on Facebook and Instagram.  Glenn is also  the secretary/treasurer  of the Lost Hills  committee, among other duties manages the porta potty supplier so if you used one you know who to thank.  Finally, the lady selling all the NFFS goodies, including this year’s Sympo, a best seller was Patti Loribecki.

I heard CD Charlie thank just about the whole world for their help but I must have missed him thanking his sons Ryan and Kyle.  It was great having 2 young and energetic 20 somethings doing lots of the tough set up. We did appreciate their help.

During the F1A event while I was on the Jury, I spotted and a number of others did too a golf cart being driving a little exuberantly under a model.  This is in the “moto flapping” category and is forbidden at Lost Hills. The dust raised obscures timekeepers and it not safe with so many people around.  I notified the sportsman and Team Manager that it was forbidden and could result in being DQ’d. The latter had not realized it had happened and apologized.  I spoke with the CD who “yellow carded” them which meant next time was a “red card” or DQ.  There was no next time.

Finally the person who everyone there heard but may not have known. Our PA announcer was Celeste, the wife of popular USA F1C sportsman Mike Roberts.  She did a great job, very clear and easy to understand.  Celeste , thanks for letting us what was going on and what we had to do.