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  1. Sierra Mini Events
  2. Kotuku Mini- Events
  3. Pole Time Management and spot checks
  4. Just Practice More
  5. fly in more contests for starters
  6. Binos Found

Sierra Mini Events –
 These events were not fully reported earlier

1. Kyle Jones
2. Yehuda Zak
3. Saar Issakov

Full Details at F1H

1. Walt Ghio
2. Tony Mathews
3. Or Shabat

Full Details at F1G

1. Clint Brooks
2. Jack Murphy
3. Bill Gannon

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Kotuku – Mini Events
These events were not fully reported earlier

1. Chris Edge
2. Saar Issakov
3. David Ackery

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1. Tiffaney O’Dell
2. Or Shabat
3. K. Peter Brocks

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1. Jack Murphy
2. Derek McGuckin
3. Clint Brooks

Full Details at F1S

Pole Time Management and spot checks
From:Mike Schwartz


Paul Crowley and myself selected the models and fliers to be spot processed at this WC prior to the start of the round. We approached the Team Manager at the country selected and informed him and the flier which was the first one to fly that their model would be processed “after” they had completed their flight, not before. This gave each team the maximum amount of time to have the other team members time to fly. We very carefully selected the teams in each round so that no team had to have their models checked but once in the first 7 rounds. This approach worked to perfection, with 100 percent cooperation from all the teams. The rules state that 20 % of the field must be checked which was accomplished. For example, F1C had 14 models to be checked during the first 7 rounds, which equal 2 teams per round. There was only one model that was found to be under weight and disqualified. The flier of that model realized he had made the error of not checking his model before flying and fully understood the penalty without any argument. Every single team was totally professional in their meeting the processing requirements.

Mike Schwartz

Just Practice More
From:William Shailor

Tom V starts with a faulty premise that an extended first round max of, say, ten minutes would somehow cure Free Flight of one of its many ills. Specifically that of being in the right place at the right time. Or not.

Recall a couple Finals ago where the decision was made to hold an extended max. The thinking was that a ten minute max would be unattainable. Well, Free Flighters being a resourceful lot, several made it. This meant the contest was essentially over for most who didn’t.
The possibility of being the recipient of Mother Nature’s largesse is what keeps us coming back, program after program. Well trimmed models, practice and just plain hard work allow us to capitalize on nature’s whims.
Bill Shailor

fly in more contests for starters
From:Bernard Guest

Hi All,
First, congrats to the Champions and the organizers of what appears to have been a very well run World Champs. Wish I coulda been there with y’all.

On this question of fly offs: gotta agree with Mike and Roger, in FF there is no way to avoid the luck component with regards to lift. Even the indoor guys get lift sometimes. It is an integral part of the game. However, doing the work in terms of prep. and practice does pay off. It is not a “roll of the dice” as Tom suggests. We know this because the people who put in the time on practice and prep. consistently do better than the rest (e.g. Alex, Oleg, Stepan, Blake, Taron, and several others). This preparation positions the top flyers to be “lucky” more often. I think we all know this intuitively. It does not diminish the “sport” of FF for me, I see it as an interesting challenge; “how do I make myself more lucky in 2020?” … fly in more contests for starters.


Binos found
From: Javier Abad

Hi Roger,
Thank you for the note in SEN about my binos, i got them back next morning from the control desk.