National Free Flight Society

SEN 2644

  1. Kotuku Flash
  2. What’s a Kotuku
  3. Maui’s Fish hook
  4. Now to go home

Kotuku Flash
Another great day of flying to finish off Outrageous October.  Varied conditions through out the day with light to no breeze.  Tough round seven with a 15 minute hot period with no air movement and a lot of people waiting.  First fly off had a few mega holes. Final flyoff like the day before, no wind, neutral air and slowly decreasing temperature.

Very fitting end to the World Champs and supporting World Cup Events.

After 8 min FO

1. Bill    Booth
2. Ismet    Yurtseven
3. Wei    Quansheng

21 out of 36 in First FO


After 8 min FO
1. Nikolay Rekhin
2. Mijiddorj Gongor
3. Ricardo Mario Palmieri

11 out of 15 in first  FO


1. Hayden Ashworth

Full results as usual at  Kotuku Results


What’s a Kotuku ?

And what about Maui’s Fish hook that was part of the first place trophies

Now to go home
… and wash The Lost Hills dust out just about everything