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SEN 2643

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Kotuku Flash
F1Q – No FO

1. Robert Sifleet
2. Jack Murphy
3. Tom Ioerger

F1A – 6 and 10 Min FO

1. Per Findahl    429
2. Emmanuel Ragot    388
3. Frank Adametz    386

There were 11 in the 10 min flyoff at about 6PM – no wind , perfect conditions. Winner Per Findahl made just 2 circles, each of about 4 minutes

Jnr F1A

1. Vitek Rossler

Full Results at  Kotuku Results


Younger ?
From:Lee Hines

Re young WC winners, Victor Tchop won F1A in 1975, Bulgaria, at 19 years according to reporters.
Thomas Koster was 18 when he won Wake in 1965, as I recall.
There are undoubtedly more, but certainly Taron’s emergence to the top tier has been a wonderful activity to see.
George has nurtured Taron & Sevak very appropriately into the fine young men they’ve become.


C Younger ?
From: Martin Dilly

Not the youngest but still young, was Mike Gaster who won F1C in 1955.

John Buskell reports that Mike was 24.

The Glow Worm
From: Chris Murphy
I asked John Sheppard and  he came back to me that he was 25 years old at the time.