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For USA AMA members
You will have received an email from the AMA about changes in the FAA regulations that is currently under discussion.  This is a drastic change that could affect all aspects of model aviation in the USA except for Indoor and Control Line. This is significant departure from the agreement the AMA had reached and what congress had authorized. The AMA has provided you with a way of emailing your elected officials to express your opinion that this is a bad proposal.

The form letter is written in such a fashion that you can personalize the message, so for example if you are a veteran, teacher, public safety, student or rocket scientist and think that gives more credibility to the letter by all means say so.

From time to time I see people complaining about the AMA,  there is no doubt that from time to they do something or place more emphasis on sometime we don’t like. But over all the AMA is doing a good job, working with the various parts of government is very challenging.  Our contacts on the government side; elected officials, political appointees and regular government dept employees are changing all the time.  Our govt relations team has to keep on re-eduacting them on who we are and what we do.  They are the only lobbying group supporting us so support them.

The low altitude  “UAV” space that we fall into is changing rapidly and it is tough for the FAA to keep up.  When the “drone thing” first started everyone was only concerned with public safety – would a drone do harm to civil aviation.  The use of low altitude airspace is become much more crowded, Movies and TV, Law enforcement and public safety, agriculture, real estate , building and  power line inspection , etc and what is becoming a big deal, the proposed drone delivery services.  All of these people are after the airspace and clearly some of them want us out of it.  Support the AMA on their mission, our mission.

Lost Hills weather Info

For Sale at Outrageous October @ Lost Hills
From :William Booth

For Sale:

I will have all these with me at Lost Hills starting Thursday 10/10/19.  If you would like pictures send me an e-mail to

Mathews/Stefanchuk Wings;

Two sets of 6-Panel D-Box wings that are Tony Mathews design & Stefanchuk built.  Vintage 2016.  Both are ready to cover.  $225 each or $400 for both.


Four panel folder purchased from Shannon Tolmie (Australia) a couple years ago and never flown.  Never even put it together until I took pictures today.  A bit old school, but not a bad back-up.  Nelson side port.  Should be close to ready to fly.  Need a Sidus faceplate timer and a little dusting.  Stretched rubber used for un-fold.  Paid $1200.  Will sell for $900.


9″ x 15″ x 41″ Roadie type box for F1B.  Fiberglass & plywood sides,
Roadie” hardware.   Inside still needs some finish work, but not much.  The good news is this box is VERY tough and very nice inside.  Bad news is it weighs 33# empty.  I’m too old to haul this through an airport.  $750


I have a few other things from some modeler’s estates.  Ohaus electronic scale, three Walston receivers & antennas, some rubber & binoculars.

Bill Booth

PS if you don’t know what a roadie box is ask Guy Menanno or maybe even Ken Bauer – someone in the “biz”

To buy at Outrageous October @Lost Hills
October 10 -24, 2019,anyone here , will go to US for the following competition?
2019 Sierra Cup – FAI Open International/World Cup
2019 FAI F1 World Championship for Free Flight Model Aircraft
2019 New Zealand Kotuku Cup – FAI Open International/World Cup

if you have those new or second-hand F1A(with servo hook),F1B(with still system) or F1G

please contact Mr, Zhang Hongwu(Team China)

We will be very interested in them!!!

many thanks!