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  1. World Cup Entrant Listing
  2. F1B Kit for sale
  3. Room Available at Motel 6

World Cup Entrant Listing
Since publishing the World Cup entrant listings a couple of Days ago there has been a number of corrections. If you have friends who are attending and either don’t get SEN or might not have read it ask them to check the listings or do it for them.
The lists at the link below has been updated

If you have corrections send them to The CD (Mike or Brian) AND Lindy – email below.

Mike McKeever – Sierra Cup
Brian Van Nest – Kotuku Cup
Lindy Murrell – Scorekeeper for both events

F1B Kit for sale
From : Timur Useynov

Hello, Roger

I have one F1B kit for sale.  Please post, maybe someone will be interested.  The price of the kit is $ 500.  possible sale in parts.
I will bring it to the world championship
My mail-
Thank you.

A room at the other Inn – Room Available at Motel 6
From: Martin Schroedter

I have a room reserved at Motel 6 from Thursday Oct. 10 checking out Sun Oct. 20 that I am not able to keep. It is a queen size bed in a smoking room, by mistake, but can be changed to non-smoking if you contact them. Rather than cancel it I thought I’d make it available to someone if interested. Price is $75.99 per night, that will be reduced if only a single person as this rate was for 2 people. If interested please contact me at   and I will get it transferred over into your name.