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In the setting up of the score sheets for the upcoming Sierra and Kotuku World Cups the scorekeeper noticed a number of errors in FAI ID number, particularly from USA sportsmen.  This is probably because the link to your FAI license (when issued in the USA) show only the front page of the license . The critical number – the FAI ID not the FAI License number is on the back of the license.  You can get this by going to this link (we have SUGGESTED before that you do this to make sure you information is correct).  When there print out both side of the license for your records and luddite organizers.

The scorekeeper is checking all FAI IDs if she finds one wrong she will notify you so you can get it sorted before the event starts. For example another sportsman’s FAI License had expired.  We don’t want you to win a Sierra or Kotuku World  Cup event only to be DQ’d because of a paperwork error.  Because so many from the USA have the License Number, not The FAI ID, she is fixing those for you and notifying you  by email. ( I was going to suggest that you thank her with a glass of wine at Lost Hills but refrained because there are so many of you and if she drank that much wine she could do  the scoring properly)

In any case we very strongly suggest that you go to the FAI link above and check all the details.  One sportsman found he was identified as a sportswoman and a number of other little errors like this have been found.

We also got a question about what number you put on your model ….
From the Sporting Code

Model aircraft, except for Indoor Free Flight and Scale, shall carry:
i) The national identification mark followed by the National FAI licencenumber or the FAI Unique ID number. The letters and numbers must be at least 25 mm high and appear at least once on each model (on the upper surface of a wing for Free Flight models). Note: The list of the national identification marks (3 letters per country) is downloadable from “Documents” section of the CIAM website
ii) A model identification code (letters and/or numbers). This code has to be different for each nominated model aircraft of the competitor. The model identification code is to appear on each main part of the model (wing(s), tail, front and rear fuselage if detachable) so that the individual parts of a competitor’s different models may be separately identified. The letters and/or numbers must be at least 10 mm high and clearly visible. The identification code of the nominated models shall be recorded on the score card. For World or Continental Championships this must be recorded on the Model Aircraft Specification Certificate.
b) A model aircraft must not carry a national identification mark, an FAI licence number, an FAI sticker, or any other reference which relates to any person other than the competitor. At the processing of the model aircraft, the organiser must mark each FAI sticker (if required).

So our interpretation (of the first few lines) for USA sportsman is that you would put USA and you AMA number i.e. your National FAI license number.  Because when flying in USA domestic events you need your AMA number on your model.

Final note , this is “our” interpretation of how it is.  If in doubt consult the FAI jury when at Lost Hills

B 4 sale
From: or shabat

For sale:
F1B model
1800 mm wing , BE profile
Electronic timer Sidus G2 with option for GPS
AA VP front end
3 position rudder
Fuselage build by Stepan Stefanchuk
Wing build by Timor Usenyov
Very good model , trimmed and good condition.
Can be delivered to Lost Hills for WCH in October.
For more information please let me know:

Thank you
Or Shabat

Or Shabat

World Champs F1A TimeKeepers
From: Brian VanNest

We are in need of timekeepers for World Champs on F1A day October 18th Friday!
Pays $80 per day.  Lunch and water included.
Brian VanNest
Editor’s Comment  We have been asked to run this for a few issues of SEN.  The F1A is the event with the largest number of participants and a couple of people who had committed to time have dropped out so more people are needed.