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SEN 2616

  1. Magic 4/5 Servo VR Special
  2. World Champs F1A TimeKeepers
  3. The wandering Harvest reaper
  4. Champs Plugs
  5. Lost Hills World Cup Numbers

Magic 4/5 Servo VR Special
From Magic Timers

At the request of a customer we have done a limited run of a timer we are calling the 4/5 Servo VR Special.  With the standard VR (yellow)  timer the voltage from a 2 cell LiPo is regulated to 5 volts for all the timer functions, servos, RDT, etc.  It is considered by many that regulating the voltage like this helps the servos perform consistently over a number of flights without recharging the battery. For LDA F1As in particular, consistent servo action is considered critical for consistent performance.  You will notice that we said “many” in the above description. Two or three customers wanted to use  high voltage servos for servo 1, the stabilizer servo and take full advantage of the higher voltage of a two cell LiPo.  To this end we have a few 4/5 servo VR timers where the power to servo 1 bypasses the voltage regulator and that servo gets the full voltage of the 2 cell LiPo battery.  We do not know if people are really interested in this version.  Timers from this limited production run will be available only at the upcoming Lost Hills World Champs. If any remain after the Champs and there is sufficient interest they will be offered for sale more generally.

World Champs F1A TimeKeepers
From: Brian VanNest

We are in need of timekeepers for World Champs on F1A day October 18th Friday!
Pays $80 per day.  Lunch and water included.
Brian VanNest

Editor’s Comment  We have been asked to run this for a few issues of SEN.  The F1A is the event with the largest number of participants and a couple of people who had committed to time have dropped out so more people are needed.

The wandering Harvest reaper
With ref to SEN 2614 and SEN 2615, that illustrates results sent in Word not Excel

Champs Plugs
From:Graham Selick

Mea Culpa. I have lost contact info to order/purchase Nelson plugs at the W/C.
Graham Selick

From Editor

this is what you want ….

Nelson Glow Plugs at Lost Hills World Champs
I will have Nelson glow plugs for sale at the Lost Hills World Champs.  The cost is $5 each.  Please send me an e-mail request with the amount you require by September 15.  This will give me enough time to order the glow plugs and have them delivered by the first week of October.

Also, I will have fuel tubing and bladder material available to purchase.

All items are from Doug Galbreath who has asked me to be his salesperson.

Walt Ghio

This is where it all is … Info about the Champs is on line at

Lost Hills World Cup Numbers

Or count your bonus points. Pre entry indications of at least 80 in F1A and B.