National Free Flight Society

SEN 2608

  1. Sign ups for the Lost Hills World Cup Events
  2. Rubber Ordering for October
  3. Further comment on the Las Vegas World Cup Schedule

Sign ups for the Lost Hills World Cup Events
 From: Charlie Jones

We have been informed that some individuals are having issues registering for the World Cup Events, the Sierra Cup and the Kotuku Cup,  in October at Lost Hills.  This is most likely individuals not affiliated with a team attending the World Championships.  For those of you who have already registered you are not required to register again and can ignore this message.
We have created a simple on-line entry form to assist in this process.  Please use the following links for each contest.  There are several fields that are required.  Payment for the events is not required at this time.  You may pay the entry fees at the field up to one day prior to the event.  No online entries will be accepted after September 20, 2019 and no “on the field” entries will be accepted the day of the competition.

Sierra Cup Entry

Kotuku Cup Entry

Rubber Ordering for October
From: FAI Model Supply

FAI Model Supply will once again be providing rubber and supplies to all
those who *pre-order* for delivery at the Endless October Contests that include the World Championships in Lost
Hills, CA.  We have already received a number of orders at this time.

If you are interested in ordering items, we ask that you please send us an
email to

We will confirm back to you with an invoice indicating your total cost from
the group shipment to be collected in cash at Lost Hills or prepaid arrangements available prior to the contest via PayPal.  Our plans are to distribute prior to the Sierra Cup Contest.

We will need to receive all orders by Wednesday September 25, 2019 to guarantee delivery in Lost Hills.  Any order/request received after that date can not be guaranteed to be delivered at the contest.
Thank you,

*FAI Model Supply – Charlie and Geralyn Jones*

Further comment on the Las Vegas World Cup Schedule
In the last SEN the was a posting from the organizer of the Las Vegas World Cup. There is difference in  some original World Champs announcements that included this event and some people have seen these and not realized that the schedule was changed. This change was to give people more time to get from Lost Hills to Las Vegas.

The correct schedule is at: