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  1. Looking for Al Vela’s FAI Lipstick plans
  2. Have it
  3. Casino Cup
  4. Euro F1D Podiums

Looking for Al Vela’s FAI Lipstick plans
From: George Voss

* I’m looking for a set of Al Vela’s FAI Lipstick plans.  If you have a set and could copy them for me I’ll gladly pay for the copy and shipping.

Have it
From:Michael J Woodhouse


Regarding timers as requested by Gil Morris I can still supply a full range of clockwork timers including mini cut offs

Casino Cup Update
From: Murphy, Jack

Casino Cup update-
The Inaugural Casino Cup is on for this coming Father’s Day weekend in West Wendover, NV. The site is just about 3 miles from the Wendover “Strip” (think Las Vegas scale from 1950s with all the modern trimmings) south of town along highway 93A. It is an FAI-AMA-NFFS contest with all classes including provisionals welcome. Americas Cup-National Cup. There will also be the “Spirit of Wendover” top secret F1E mission Monday. See  General FAI CIA CIA FAI Brocks for details. Be prepared to eat your time card if captured….

Jack Murphy

FAI F1D European Championship for Indoor Model Aircraft
Date:  03.06 – 09.06.2019
Location: Tachov – Svetce (Czech Republic)

Final Results :

1st:    Ivan Treger              SVK
2nd:    Lutz Schramm        GER
3rd:    Oleg Korniichuk       UKR

Senior – Team
1st:         Ukraine
2nd:        Slovakia
3rd:         Germany

1st:    Vladyslav Dziubak         UKR
2nd:    Vladyslav Klymenko     UKR
3rd:    Dmytro Bevz                  UKR

Junior – Team
1st:        Ukraine
2nd:       Romania
3rd:        Russia