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  1. Seeing an old Friend and F1C innovator ?
  2. USA Indoor Nationals in Arizona

Seeing an old Friend and F1C innovator ?
From: Mike Fantham
In the F1C video from SM, did I spot Leonid Fuseev doing a piece to camera and flying a (Babenko?) folder?

USA Indoor Nationals in Arizona
From:Don DeLoach
Don’t forget to pre-enter for the Indoor Nationals! Contest is May-June 2.
Editor’s comment: Most American flyers are aware that this year’s USA Indoor Nats are being held at different site from last year – the Round Valley Dome in Eager Arizona. For readers outside of the USA  this in an indoor arena used by the local high school for a number of sporting activites, including American Football.  This means it is large  diameter of 440 feet, 134 metres and 99 feet high with few obstructions.

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