National Free Flight Society

SEN 2536

  1. FAI ID Number
  2. F1C Vibes
  3. Pim’s TRACKERS
  4. Lost Hills storage

FAI ID Number
From:Mike Richardson
Hi Roger

I’m glad you brought up the FAI license number in the Sen 2535. In the last several years I have gone through NAA for my sporty license. By doing this I save a few bucks but I discovered that NAA do not mail you a license, instead a email receipt showing your USA29768 (my ama #).
After your Sen article I clicked on your supplied link which requested my email address connected to my license. Shortly after supplying that I received a email from FAI with with a 6 digit number. By clicking on that number it gave me my FAI ID number.
Thank you for clearing this debacle up….your the best!

Mike Richardson
FAI ID 115453

F1C Vibes
From:Matt Gewain

I proposed a solution to the F1C timer problem several years back that I
think would work well. The device would be simple it is made up of a
microcontroller and an accelerometer, with a separate readout device to
display the data.  The accelerometer would read the acceleration of the
model when it is launched to start the motor run time. Then it would
register the motor vibration and when the vibration stops that would
indicate the end of the motor run.  When the model was returned after each
flight the flyer would be required to plug in the display device and show
the recorded motor run to a contest official.  The RC F5J event uses a
similar device that records altitude.  This device is used to score a
launch altitude penalty on each flight.

Matt Gewain

Editors comment – you could flash a bright LED indicating pass or fail so they did not have to wait until they got the model back, permitting another attempt.

From Henk van Hoorn. Via FFN (edited)

Pim Ruyter has more and more medical issues and recently he decided to stop the production, repair and sales of trackers and the sales of batteries.
He has asked me to look after his business and handed over his stock to me. There is some stock of trackers and a large stock of batteries and in case you need something please contact me.
For clarity…in case one of your trackers brakes down a repair is no longer possible and if you like to replace it ( by one on another frequency) this is possible as long as there is any stock

Lost Hills storage
From: Brian Vannest

Motorcycle storage.
Get you space before they are all gone.
It’s a one time fee of $600.
Contact Brian Van Nest